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How To Use Singing Bowls

10. Opening Chakras

When I bought my first two bowls from the Hungarian shaman Joska Soos, I asked him what effect they had on the human body. He said that their sounds affect the chakras and the aura in general. By way of example he showed me how to activate the third eye, by first hitting a bowl and then gently touching the vibrating rim of the bowl at the ajna chakra, located between the eye brows.
Over the years I have done many group sessions, and there always are people who feel strong sensations on places in their bodies. It is interesting that these places correspond to the seven major chakras. Usually it is the ajna chakra, (also called the third eye) or the solar plexus chakra between the sternum and the navel.
For people who work intentionally with the chakras, with Reiki or hands-on-healing, and for people who are just open and sensitive, the singing bowls can be a big help in awakening and developing one’s awareness of these energy centers. There is no one bowl that corresponds specifically to a certain chakra. A particular bowl might work on the solar plexus of one person, but not that of another person. As we are all different, so are our energies. Thus singing bowls have different effects on different people. It is a matter of experience to find out what the singing bowls you happen to have will do to other people or to yourself. As time goes by you will notice that during a particular time you will have a preference for a certain bowl. This is the one you will need the most during that period. Later it can change, and the same bowl might even leave you indifferent, while another singing bowl catches your attention. This is due to the fact we are not static beings, we change over time, along with our needs and preferences. Because of this one needs to remind oneself to be aware of ever changing energies in oneself, in others and in one’s environment. On the other hand, remember that your intentions in using the bowls can affect the results. A single bowl can be used in a meditation on all the chakras, coordinating attention, breathing and inner focus through all of the centers one by one. Experiment with what you have and see what works for you.



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