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How To Use Singing Bowls

14. Singing Bowl Spirits

After I had bought several singing bowls I discovered that each bowl had unique qualities, and the more I paid attention to it the more I felt that there was a spirit attached to each bowl. A sound spirit that resonated with the bowl and that wanted to express itself into the physical realm by the sounds of the singing bowl. In my next visit to Joska Soos, the Hungarian shaman, I relayed him my feeling about this, and he confirmed that each singing bowl had its own special sound spirit attached to it.
The idea that in the spiritual realms there are spirits that are associated with sound and music is not new. It is an important idea I want to talk a little bit more about it, so you might get a better understanding. Geoffrey Hodson, a renowned clairvoyant from the beginning 1900’s, says about the angels of music: "…for the Angels of Music are but the embodiments of the creative Word of God, the expression of His Voice. When He speaks, a mighty burst of songs springs from their hearts and pours its resonance throughout the graded order of their race. They sing in myriads in answer to the Word of God. Their sounds is as of a million harps touched by immortal hands, their voice is like the surging of the sea. From the center of the Universe, like a mighty tidal flood, their song goes forth in wave on wave of glory, as order after order answers to the Word; they send the chorus forth, outwards, to the confines of the Universe…They are in need of human ears and human hearts, that through them they may bring our world in tune, that men may answer ever more and more to the sound and rhythm of their song. To them, all men and all angels are instruments, every faculty of mind and heart is a string." In ancient Greece music was the highest of all sciences. Music was considered to come from the divine realms and was always healing.
I once met a remarkable man from Holland, a clairvoyant with poetic talents who had memories from very ancient times. He speaks of sound spirits and dance spirits who are extremely sensitive to vibrations. Disharmony in sound and movement can upset these beings severely and even make them angry. They should not be underestimated as they can emanate strong vibrations that are related to the fate of man. In general one can say that he who is a boor in sound and movement should not count on cosmic luck, because his behavior is disturbing his aura, so good vibrations have ever more difficulty to reach him. At the same time he makes himself vulnerable to sound and dance spirits, while being a willing receptacle of negative energies. If you want to be in harmony with yourself and the cosmos you should think about this.
The same applies to singing bowls. They are connected to sound spirits who can help you on your life path and with the work you are doing. If you want to accomplish positive results, you should acknowledge their existence and have the utmost respect for them. You can help them to express themselves through playing the singing bowls, and they can help you to fulfill your destiny. The worst thing you can do is leave your singing bowl on the shelf without ever playing it!



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