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Brain Heart Tarot deck

a tarot deck created by Dirk Gillabel and painted by Carol Herzer

Brain-Heart Tarot 0  Brain-Heart Tarot 9  Brain-Heart Tarot 18 



Carol painted this deck in the early 1990's when she and Dirk were still living in different countries, but corresponding with frequent letters about life, tarot, art, and esoteric subjects. For Carol the painting of this deck was a magical inner journey, complete with psychic dreams and inner experiences.

The Brain-Heart Tarot, as presented here, is a new edition of my earlier black and white deck. It has been beautifully painted by Carol Herzer. This major arcana has only twenty cards, as at the time I considered the the three last cards, 19, 20, and 21 as different aspects of the same archetype.
I started out with a scientific approach. I saw several relationships between science, numbers, and the archetypes of the major arcana. However when I reached card nine, the energies in me totally reversed to an inspirational approach. Thus the first ten cards (0 to 9) are intellectual, from the brain, and the following ten cards (10 to 19) are inspirational, from the heart. Hence the name Brain-Heart Tarot. Thus it formed a polarity between these two opposite but complementary poles.
The booklet explains in detail every symbol on the cards.

sizes and prices

Size: 3 3/8' X 4 1/2" (8.5 X 11.5 cm)

Hand made deck of laminated laser copies

Small booklet in English

Handmade pouch

20 cards (10-20-21 as one card)

Price: $ 42.00

A selection of cards: click on start button for slide show; or click arrows for manual control:


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