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Bach Rescue Remedy and Cream  

 The Bach Flower Remedies are "energy" medicines. They do not contain any chemically active ingredients, but they do work. How is that possible? The flowers are gathered and soaked in water in the sunshine for a certain amount of time. The energy of the flowers is thus transferred to the water. The flowers are then removed and what is left is the water that has the energetic imprint of that flower. When taken internally the energy of the plant, present in the water, will act on the subtle energy body (etheric) of the person. The Bach Flower Remedies work by stimulating the body’s own capacity to heal itself, by balancing emotions, helping you to take control, feel good about yourself, and get more out of life. This is in short how it works. More information can be found at  or other websites.
I have taken the Bach Flower Remedies and I have experienced positive results. But these results are subtle, psychological, and can be different for other people.
Bach Rescue Remedy
This is available as a cream (see below) and in the same fluid form with a dropper bottle as you will find all of the other flower essences. Take a couple of drops from the mother tincture (the bottle) in a glass of water. It does not have to be distilled water, any water is ok. They are very helpful in stressful events, shocks, fear, emergencies, accidents. Rescue Remedy helps the entire body deal with the extreme situation on both the physical and emotional or psychological levels.
Bach Rescue Cream
With the Bach Rescue Cream I have seen very good results. The cream consists of standard base material (Aqua, Petrolatum, Cetearyl alcohol, PEG 20 Stearate, Methylparaben, Mel, Propylparaben) that is impregnated with the energies of six flowers: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Crab Apple, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem. It helps to promote healing of cuts, sores, abrasions, bruises, bug bites, and other problems of the skin. My own experience is that it works very well for certain skin problems but not with others. For example, it doesn't quite work with pimples, zits etc. Maybe this is because there are caused by internal causes.
I once gave the cream to a woman who had an infection inside the top of her index finger. The infection had made her finger numb for several weeks. She applied the cream to her finger, and after five minutes (while we were talking) she was very surprised that her finger became sensitive again. Yes, it worked that quickly. She took the cream home and applied the cream on her finger daily and the infection was drawn to the surface within a week and healed.
I believe that the Bach Rescue Cream strongly enhances the natural healing system of the body. On a previous job, a colleague told me that her husband has cleaned a photocopier with a solvent but had not put on any gloves. Shortly afterwards he noticed that the solvent was corrosive to his skin. The skin of both his hands had been severely damaged. He tried to protect his hands with Vaseline, but to no avail. It had already been a couple of days, and his hands did not show any improvement. So I gave the woman rescue cream to take home. After one or two days he was seeing a remarkable improvement and after a couple of more days the skin of his hands were completely healed. They couldn't believe it. I also must say that both women I have mentioned here did not believe in alternative medicine and did not have any expectations.
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