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Health Tips

Orgonite: What can a mixture of casting resin and metal shavings be a healing tool? Orgonite  is being used for a wide variety of purposes. It transforms negative energy into positive energy. Orgonite has a beneficial effect on the human energy systems, improving health on the mental, emotional and physical level. It goes even further and cleanses the environment of negative or stuck energy. 

Healing with Turpentine: An overview of the medicinal qualities and possible toxicological effects if overdosed when consuming natural turpentine oil for healing purposes.

The Violet Ray, Healing with High Frequency Currents: a history of electrotherapy using high frequency currents and the development of the Violet Ray, the beneficial effects on the human body, and modern Violet Ray devices.

Healing with Magnetized Water: An overview of scientific studies of the beneficial or healing effect of magnetized water on plants, animals and humans.

How I Healed Lyme Disease: the remedy I used to completely remove any Lyme symptoms. 

Healing Cancer with Cheap and Safe Medicines: an overview of the medicines Mebendazole and Fenbendazole.

Healing a Sore Throat, or Common Cold (Coronavirus and Rhinovirus): How a sore throat, or common cold, can be healed with natural remedies.

How to Heal Yourself Quickly, Cheaply and Effectively: what really worked for me. Cheap and effective. Direct links to chapters:

Neutralizing The Brown Recluse Spider Bite with Electricity: How we neutralized the Brown Recluse spider bite with the use of electric zappers.

Glowing Body at Night: how I solved the problem of waking up at night with a very warm body.

Nikola Tesla and Healing: An overview of the healing properties of high frequency high voltage currents that Nikola Tesla was using for healing the body; and the use of mechanical vibration for the same purpose.

Royal Rife : A genius Scientist of the 20th century, who invented a microscope which showed life viruses, and who also invented a device for killing them inside the body in just a couple of minutes without harming the body itself.

Agnihotra: an ancient fire ceremony from India, adapted for western people; used for purification and healing. Easy to do for a determined mind.

Jala Neti: keep your nose healthy by using a neti pot.

The Colloidal Silver Handbook: everything you want to know how to use colloidal silver for healing. (PDF file)

Kefir: better than yoghurt, another cheap alternative to replenish your intestinal flora and thus heal a lot of common ailments.

Bach Rescue Remedy and Cream: energy medicine based on flowers

How I Solved my Sensitive Gums

Nausea and Brewer's Yeast: how brewer's yeast relieved my nausea of many years.

Color Healing: an overview of Dinshah Ghadiali theory and healing experience with the color spectrum of light.

The Role of Biophotons in Healing: biophotons or light particles emitted and absorbed by the cells keep us healthy.

Calcite Crystals in the Pineal Gland:  The conclusions of a research in the calcite crystals discovered in the pineal gland, and the sensitivity of those crystals to microwaves from cell phones or GSM.

The Origin of Disease: a short overview of the theory and practice of a Hamer, a German doctor, who showed that emotional conflict is the root of disease. Solve the conflict and the disease disappears.

People who have cured themselves of serious diseases

Restless Legs Syndrome: how I solved the twitching of my legs at bed time.

Herpes Simplex: how to solve the cold sore problem in your nose

Solutions to Dental Problems: some tips about how to keep your teeth healthy.

Flax Seeds: why the essential fatty acids of flax seeds are so good for your health.

Eat Your Seaweed : The importance of eating seaweed in relation to a healthy thyroid and the presence of radioactive Iodine in our environment.

Enzymes: The are called the Fountain of Life, as life cannot exist without them.

Aloe vera: a nice healing plant for skin and intestines.

Garlic: one of the best herbs around!

Grapefruit Seed Extract: a good and strong natural disinfectant for food and water, or for the body.

Comfrey: a nice medicinal plant for many skin ailments.

Calendula: an antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial plant.

White Sugar: why white sugar (sucrose) is not healthy and can lead to obesity.

Oils and Fats: oils and fats are necessary for our health, but which ones are good or bad?

Unvaccinated Children are Healthier: radio interview; English website: http://vaccineinjury.info/

The Dangers of Wheat: diabetes and obesity caused by a new variety of wheat, on the market since the 1980's, according to Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist. Amazingly, cutting out wheat from one's diet leads to tremendous positive changes, also for a host of other health problems.

Is AIDS Connected to Tuberculosis? The so-called AIDS virus has still not been discovered. That by itself should raise a red flag. More and more scientists are coming forward, claiming that HIV and AIDS are actually an immune system collapse, caused by different factors like lack of nutrients, imbalances in the body, giving rise to the emergence of a variety of pathogenic microbes, in particular to tuberculosis microbes which actively destroy the immune system, spreading tuberculosis even further inside the body, and allowing even more pathogenic microbes to flourish. There is no particular HIV or AIDS microbe, rather a severe immune system collapse. In this light HIV and AIDS might well be cured, and  some have already done it.

Soy Products: now widely available and widely used in food products, not all soy is healthy. Problems associated with soy contribute to a lot of ailments. There is plenty of information available on the internet about why soy is dangerous to your health. Read up on it! The only exceptions are the fermented soy products. Only a long period of fermentation will significantly reduce the phytate content of soybeans, as well as the trypsin inhibitors that interfere with enzymes and amino acids. Therefore, fermented soy products such as tempeh and miso (not tofu) provide nourishment that is easily assimilated.

Dangers of microwaved food: look it up on the www and throw away your microwave oven! Microwaves actually damages the nutrients and create toxins.


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