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The Role of Biophotons in Healing

Biophotons might be a new concept to most people, but research in biophotons has been going on for a while. In short a biophoton is a photon (=a light particle/wave) of non-thermal origin in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum emitted from a biological system, a plant, animal and human. It has been proven that biophotons exist, but there is still a lot of speculation, or theory, about their role and properties. However it answers a lot of questions about how the biological body works. In conventional science it is not known how a cell in a foot knows how to produce a foot, and the same cell in the head knows how to form a brain. Or, how do chemical components, or molecules, know where to go inside the body, as often they can only latch onto one particular kind of receptor. Just random circulating around the bottom, and accidentally finding the right receptor, doesn't explain it. It is now believed that these processes are well regulated by means of biophotons who carry the right information for what needs to happen inside the body. Where do biophotons come from? Cells can emit them, but most of them, about 90% are given off by DNA. A photon is a light particle/wave, and yes, this means the DNA, the cells, and the body are giving off light. However the amount of light, or biophotons, is extremely small, and can only be measured with special equipment. Nevertheless this small amount is sufficient to govern cellular metabolism, instruct cells what chemical processes need to take place, if the body needs repair, and so on. Biophotons carry this information with them. They are a communication tool between the DNA and cells, and from cell to cell. A cell who receives such a photon knows what needs to be done, and can pass the photon to another cell, or give it back to the DNA. All this goes extremely fast, and on a continuous basis. The interesting part is that all the biophotons together are phase coherent, as concluded from their measurements. This is important. Experimental results indicate that biophotons originate from a coherent photon field (=a light field!) within the living organism. A coherent field oscillates and will produce waves that are all in phase. Coherence has a high degree of order and is able to carry information. Laser light is an example of this. In other words, biophotons represent an extremely weak, as well as a most unusual, laser light emitted by the living system; a laser that covers a broad range of frequencies, from the ultra-violet to the infrared, and probably beyond, into the microwave and radio-frequency range. With this coherent photon or light field, a cell knows its position within this field and thus within the body, and thus knows what kind structure, organ, tissue (and the like) is to be formed. DNA is thought to store most of the body's biophotons. For each biophoton DNA emits, there are billions that are stored in the vibrations of the DNA. These provide the phase reference which allows the light from each cell to keep its rhythm, to stay in step with other biophotons emitted by other cells. Because biophotons are emitted by one cell and absorbed by another, and also given back to the DNA, most of the biophotons remain within the body, only few of them escape the physical body. It is a very efficient system that keeps itself in high order within a localized space. It has been found that people with diseases have biophotons emissions that have poor or chaotic coherence. Something is causing or is interfering with the phase coherence of the biophotons. This results in the loss of information needed by the cells to keep themselves healthy. Communication between the cells, by biophotons, is also impaired by this lack of coherence, thereby creating disturbances on the cellular level. The cells are starting to function in an unnatural way. Being not in phase, the non-coherent biophotons, are partially canceling each other phase, thereby reducing the amount of light. Researches have been able to easily determine that the sample of vegetables, for example, were freshly cut or had been lying around for a while, based on the amount of biophoton light the plant was giving off. In other words “the light is going out!” It also has been proposed that the constant creation of the biophotons create torsion waves which, together, create a torsion field within and around the physical body. What are torsion waves? This form of energy is a spiraling, non-hertz-like, electromagnetic wave that travels through the ether at speeds of many times the speed of light. Because of the spiraling aspect of the wave it is known as the torsion wave. These waves are called non-hertz-like because they do not correspond to the classical theory of Hertz, and Maxwell describing the behavior of waves. Anything that moves, from large objects to the very small atomic particles, creates torsion waves in the aether. Biophotons, being phase coherent, create very ordered torsion waves and fields in the physical body. This torsion field can also be called an aether field, or subtle energy field. This torsion field is holographic in nature and a mirror of the physical body, displaying all the organs, tissues, etc, but also the chakras, meridians, nadis etc. The biophoton field is an intermediary field. Being a light field is resonates with the torsion field, but it also regulates directly the physical body's processes. By means of this torsion field a healer can connect his own torsion field with the torsion field of the patient. Distance is not important here, as torsion fields are on a level of non-locality. Torsion waves travel unhindered by physical matter almost instantaneous from one point in space to another. Torsion waves do not carry energy but information. When a healer focuses on his patient he transmits healing information by means of torsion waves to the torsion field on the patient. The patient's torsion field with then relay the information to the biophoton field which will emits biophotons carrying the information to the cells thus stimulating healing. The experiments, measurements and theories of biophotons give us a whole new look at how the physical body works, maintains its health, or how disease happens and can be healed. It gives us a much more in depth approach to healing than the incomplete mechanistic view of the conventional medical establishment.


 aetheric light body with nadis