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Oils and Fats  

What is good for you:

Beef and lamb tallow
Chicken, goose and duck fat
Coconut, palm and sesame oils
Cold pressed olive oil
Cold pressed flax oil
Marine oils

Not good for you:

All hydrogenated oils
Soy, corn and safflower oils
Cottonseed oil
Canola oil (is made from is genetically engineered rapeseed, originally only used as lubricating oil in the industry. It is toxic, and it becomes rancid quickly. Unfortunately canola oil is now present in a lot of food products, read the label!)

All fats heated to very high temperatures in processing and frying
I can't go into detail, but basically when the industry chemically alters the structure of oils (from cis to trans), changing them into hydrogenated oils , then those oils/fats will be absorbed by the body just like the natural oils/fats, but their altered chemical structure will wreak havoc in the cells, leading to a lot of degenerative diseases.
Unsaturated or saturated is not a good standard by which to judge oils. It is the altering of the chemical structure that causes problems.