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How to Heal Yourself Quickly, Cheaply and Effectively

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The following is for information purposes only. I don't make any claims.

Over the many years I have healed myself for a large part, by changing diet, taking supplements, and using electric healing devices. Nevertheless, I was still struggling with ups and downs, and I struggled every day to get through the day. Some days were better or worse than others. The symptoms never went away completely. During those eighteen years I continuously looked for possible causes and possible healings. I learned a lot, and tried a lot of things. Some worked, others didn't. They are cheap and very effective.

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MMS: will kill most pathogenic microbes of a wide variety of diseases, very quickly. A maintenance dose every day will keep you body clean of these parasites, and the symptoms associated with them. MMS will penetrate deeply into all regions of your body, where there is a blood supply. Microbes can hide in bone, joints and other inaccessible places, but once they come out they will be killed by the MMS.

Zappers: will electrically kill the microbes in your blood stream, and depending on the kind of zapper might go deeper into the body. Zapping every day will also keep you body clean of parasites to a great degree.

Magnetic Pulser: Goes deep into the body, but can only be used in a localized area. Really good to treat otherwise inaccessible areas.

Violet Ray: high frequency currents delivered by a plasma electrode. This has a long history of healing a lot of ailments. Now available in small portable devices, and cheap too.


Basically whatever you use, you have to use it every day, because almost all pathogenic microbes know how to hide, and emerge again when you become lazy.

There are other products that are equally effective, but I haven't used them, such as (food grade) hydrogen peroxide, ozonated products, etc. I have looked into Rife machines, but they don't seem to be effective, or few do. Rife machines work with frequency specific programs. If you have the right frequency for the right microbe, you also need enough power to have it resonate to death, otherwise the microbe will actually thrive on the resonant frequency you are supplying your body with! Also, microbes can easily change their shape and thus move out of the frequency range you are supplying. I think this is why you see so few healings with Rife machines.

Also, you need to eat healthy, and get all the vitamins and minerals and other healing foods your body needs.


MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement

What is MMS? MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement. It is a very simple formula, discovered by Jim Humble, who successfully treated thousands of malaria cases in Africa with it. It kills pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and removes heavy metals. MMS is basically activated chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is the basic ingredient of Clorox bleach. This might scare a lot of people, but the amount used is tiny. Instead of succumbing to the fear put upon us for so long, read and study the information available on Jim Humble's website to understand how chlorine dioxide works, and how to take it. By itself it doesn't do that much. It first must be activated by drops of citric acid for three minutes, and be diluted by water before drinking. It is also very effective against cancer. Jim Humble wrote a book about MMS with all the details. It is available for free on his website (all information is in his Ebook Part 1 (free); Ebook part 2 is just an elaboration). Here is a YouTube video with information.
At present Jim Humble can only give you the information, but he does not sell this product.
MMS Recovery Guide Book
Must watch video: Quantum Leap and The Universal Antidote

If you use WOT (Web of Trust) on you browser, you need to turn it off, as his website, and all the websites which sells MMS, are blocked by WOT. Big Pharma does not like any cures outside its territory. You will also notice that those who sell MMS can not claim any cures for humans. So they usually sell it as a water purifier. The government has made it very difficult for USA people to talk about or sell MMS. You will probably have to order it from another country. The USA website seem to come and go, as they often shut down by the government. You can go on this webpage to find suppliers: WebArchive. Make sure you understand what they are selling as there is now another variation on the market. I have no experience with this variation. The original version is Sodium Chlorite Solution with Citric Acid activator. I get mine at an Australian site called Healthy 4 Life.

MMS is very cheap and effective. A bottle costs about $US 30 (as of 2020), and lasts a whole year.

My own experience with MMS. Herpes simplex is a virus that almost everybody has. Usually contracted in childhood, it can stay dormant for a very long time. The medical establishment will tell you that they don't know why Herpes decides to become active, and that there is no cure. However my experience is different.
For many years I would have cold sores (herpes simplex type 1) inside my nose. They came and went. Then I had a period of several months when they just did not go away. Big blisters, full of pus inside the moist lining of the nose. They just liked it so much in there, that they kept on partying. Popping the blisters to get the pus out helped a little bit, but they kept on multiplying. One blister was so bad that it bored itself through the nose and appeared at the outside. That one took a long time to heal.
Then I remembered the MMS bottle I once bought. I had used it once but I had forgotten it. I took some drops in water, and after just one day, the blisters disappeared, after another day, the puffiness of the lining of the nose disappeared. The third day my nose was restored to normal. Amazing! MMS killed the viruses in just one day! My nose has been clear of herpes since.

Sore throats, every winter. First my throat would be sore, then it would go into my nose, then to my lungs. Always lasted two weeks. When I take MMS three times a day, from the first signs of a sore throat, it would disappear in three days.

I have also found that when I take the enzyme serrapeptase first, and MMS 30 to 45 minutes later, it is much more effective in killing microbes. The reason for this is that serrapeptase breaks down the protective coating that some varieties of microbes have. This coating is called biofilm, and some microbes envelop themselves with this biofilm to protect them from anything that might kill them, such as antibiotics, or other chemicals or natural compounds. When their biofilm has been broken down by the serrapeptase, then one's own immune system and MMS has a clear field in finishing them off.



When you have a serious disease, zappers are absolutely worth their money. Especially because the most basic zappers are very cheap. They will kill a wide range of pathogenic microbes. They can eliminate them for a large percentage. I would say for about 90%, because pathogens have the tendency to hide in very inaccessible places. If you keep using a zapper on a regular basis, you can keep them at bay, and keep yourself symptom free.

The Zapper was originally made by and used by Hulda Clark, a Physiologist who used the Zapper to heal a wide variety of ailments and diseases. The Zapper is described in her book The Cure for All Diseases (isbn 1-890035-01-7). Her book contains lots of good advice and remedies to use along with the Zapper. One also needs to pay attention to one's life style and the origin of infections, diseases, his toxic environment and so on. In her book she gives complete and clear instructions on how to build a Zapper.

Many people are making zappers now, although they are not all the same, and their effectiveness varies. I took the time to compare the ones that are out there. A few people are really dedicated in building a high quality and effective zappers, and I have carefully read their explanations about how they are built and why their circuitry is more effective than most zappers.

The Hulda Clark Zapper

the Hulda Clark ZapperI'll first talk about the Hulda Clark zapper. I have never bought one, so I don't have experience with this kind of zapper. But since all other zappers are based on the Hulda Clark zapper, I'll give her explanation about why the zapper works in eliminating microbes. After all you need to understand how it works.

It is a very simple electronic device that anyone can make himself for about $ 20-30. Basically one applies a very small electric current through the body by holding two copper electrodes. The output voltage on the electrodes is about 5 volts and the current is a couple of milliamperes. Because the skin puts up a resistance when electrical current is applied, the Zapper pulses the current, which makes the skin resistance go down. Hulda Clark's zapper is made with a frequency of about 30 Khz, but even very low frequencies, like 5 Hz works. One holds the electrodes for three times 7 minutes with 20-30 minutes of rest in between.
Viruses and bacteria disappear in 3 minutes, tapeworm stages, roundworms in 5 minutes and mites in 7 minutes. Isn't that fast? Also take into account that that the established medical industry does not have anything that can kill viruses! She also says that the current does not reach deep into the eyeball or testicle or bowel contents, nor into gallstones, or into living cells where Herpes virus lies latent or Candida fungus. That is why one needs to zap three times a day for a week or more to get those buggies to. Zapping does not affect good bacteria, and it might be good to take some acidophilus bacteria or yoghurt to fill up the space left by the dead bad bacteria in the intestines. One should also be aware that when all those microbes die in such a short period, the body has to carry them off, and thus one might feel fatigued. The kidneys also will have to work harder. Hulda Clark warns that people who have a pacemaker or are pregnant should not use the Zapper as the effects on these people haven't been explored yet.
The reason for the three 7 minute treatments, is that in the first treatment 'free floating' microbes were killed, but soon after new ones arose. Where did they come from? She concluded that during the first treatment, the parasites (which also died), like worms and mites, had themselves been carriers of microbes, which subsequently were released. To kill those a second treatment is necessary. Just to make sure, a third treatment is applied.

Originally Hulda Clark found that microbes are sending out radio frequencies between 170 and 690 kHz. The human body sends frequencies between 1,520 and 9,460 kHz. At first she tried to find the frequency of the microbes and treat herself with the specific frequencies of those microbes she found in her body. She was using a frequency generator that alternated between positive and negative voltage. But then her son came up with a battery operated frequency generator that killed all parasites at once. The frequency didn't seem to matter. It is the electricity that does the trick. So how does the Zapper actually work. Personally I think that the released electrons (from the Zapper) travel through the body and inactivate the microbes and parasites by interacting with their proteins. Anything that has a "free arm" sticking out like free radicals or chemical toxins, will grab onto our cells and cause damage. That is why ozone and hydrogen peroxide are such good disinfectants. Both products have an extra oxygen that reacts with that "free arm" of harmful substances or pathogens, and make that "free arm" totally inactive. Thus microbes die and toxins become harmless. In more technical terms, all parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged (=shortage of electrons). The zapper introduces negative electrons through the skin and into the body's living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue. Healthy tissue is negatively charged. The Zapper also seems to to inactivate toxins in our body.
Clark is not the only one who used electricity to heal ailments and diseases. In the beginning of the 1900's there were many, many inventions which used electricity in an attempt to improve one's health. Some were weird and bizarre, some were just limited experiments, but some people where able to heal many people with their device. Examples are Lakhovsky and Rife, whose devices are still used today. Information is available on the internet.

More information on Hulda Clark's website:

The only disadvantage of the Hulda Clark Zapper is that you have to hold to copper tube electrodes in both hands for about forty minutes. That means that you are chair-bound for that time.


The Terminator

The Terminator ZapperOne drawback of the Hulda Clark Zapper is that one holds the electrodes in both hands, and thus one has to sit down like this for the entire time. This problem was resolved by Don Croft, a freedom fighter, who made the zapper in a two by three plastic box with two pennies as electrodes only an inch apart. This zapper is usually attached on the arm with an elastic band, with the electrodes (=pennies) touching the skin. It works just the same and one can move around freely while zapping. Croft calls it the Terminator. The Terminator delivers a 15 HZ frequency. His Terminator is unique in the sense that he also added orgonite, a magnet and crystals.

You can wear this zapper as long as you want. You do want to check your battery once in a while, as a zapper is most effective at 9 volts. When it has gone down to about 8 volts I would replace it. You can get a voltmeter at your local hardware store.

Every time when I feel I got a bug, I use it and the symptoms disappear quickly. I also use it as a preventative measure.
In the winter of 2006-2007, I had a cold, and a strong irritation settled itself on my upper right lung. The cold itself was very mild, but the irritation was quite a bother when going to sleep. Although there was no excess mucus, the irritation, or itch, was so strong that my body couldn't help but coughing, coughing, coughing, in spite of a cough suppressant medicine. I was getting quite worried about it, when my intuition told me to place the zapper on my chest directly on that spot, for a couple of hours. I was very surprised that evening, when the irritation/itch was completely gone. I think some nasty microbe had nested itself in that spot, and the zapper had terminated it.
We sent a friend of ours, who is bipolar (manic-depressive) a Terminator zapper. She was struggling very bad with her illness. We had learned that bipolar disease is actually caused by a microbe that is around horses; and yes her parents had horses when she grew up. She swears that it helped her to get out of the depths of her disease and to help her to have a normal life, although still with medicines to manage her mood swings. I have found stories on the internet of people who claim that the Zapper, or Terminator, has healed them of serious viral diseases for which there is otherwise no healing.

Don Croft's Terminator website: World Without Parasites; also read his FAQ's page for more information


Other Penny Zappers

If you want a cheaper penny zapper, with just the basic electronic circuit:

I got a basic zapper from Orgonise Africa (link goes to their entire selection of zappers), several years ago. It came with a Velcro strap. It uses a 9 volt battery, like the Terminator, but it also has a jack to plug in a wall transformer. I use it when I am at the computer (and thus not moving around. That way I can plug it into a wall outlet, and save on the battery (the battery gets bypassed when plugged into an outlet). Very cheap but works just the same as all the other basic zappers.

I haven't ordered from, but they also have a basic zapper for a slightly higher price.

There are other sites that offer penny zappers. Go for a cheap one. They are all the same, but some sites charge very high prices.


The Ultimate Zapper

Over the years I have been looking around on the web for the kind of zappers that are being offered. There are many simple zappers around, all based on the Hulda Clark design, like the ones I mentioned on this webpage.

The Ultimate ZapperIn my opinion, there is one that sticks out above all the rest: the Ultimate Zapper. It is solely powered by a wall outlet transformer, so you are bound to sit down for the entire time that want to use it. It has two copper tube electrodes to hold onto, like the Hulda Clark zapper.
His inventor, Ken Presner, did a thorough investigation in how the zapper works, and made several improvements. It is basically an improved Hulda Clark zapper. He amped up the voltage to 10.5 volts what gives a deeper penetration.  It uses 2500 Hz, which he considers the best frequency for zappers.

He used it to heal himself from serious diseases. His Ultimate Zapper is much more expensive, but in my opinion absolutely worthwhile. I definitely feels stronger. It cleared up the remains of my cold very quickly. It also allows to connect one electrode to footpads, and the other to handholds, thereby zapping a large part of the body.
I can definitely feel that the Ultimate Zapper is stronger. When holding the bare copper handholds, I can sometimes feel a little stinging sensation. Damp cloth around the handholds is better.
The Ultimate Zapper has definitely helped to get rid of viruses. It has cleared up several problems I was having. But it takes a little time, but improvement is fast. Hulda Clark recommends continuing the treatments in order to prevent re-infection, until the body has repaired the damage. This usually takes three months at the least.

One day we had a guest we introduced to the Ultimate Zapper. She said she had vaginal yeast, and also had a sore throat. We let her zap, three times seven minutes. A week later we ran into her in town, and she told us that both the vaginal yeast and the sore throat had disappeared.
Around the same time I woke up one morning with a pain low in my throat. The sign of a sore throat, but this time there was also sensitivity going up to my ear. I immediately zapped the entire area, almost every hour that day. The next day it was gone. For me that is remarkable, because sore throats always previously lasted at least a week, then going over into a cold (coughing) and/or a nose cold. All the herbs I used to take never did much to alleviate these symptoms.
We are also using the zapper to kill the microbes in our mouth, gums and teeth. Holding one electrode in one hand, the electrode we hold against the cheek. Although we didn't mention the zapper to the dentist, he was surprised that we have so little plaque on our teeth.

His website The Ultimate Zapper is very informative. He explains in detail why he built his zapper the way he did, and why it is more effective than the basic zappers.


Magnetic Pulser

There is a growing interest in alternative healing. It is not some new "latest thing", but something that has been known for some time, but it was never given much attention: the application of magnetic pulses to biological bodies kills microbes, makes the bodily cells more healthy, activates the healing processes in the body and even restores damaged tissues into healthy tissue. Although there have been some scientific experiments that point to the efficacy of magnetic pulse therapies, it is still in its beginning.

There are some sophisticated magnetic pulse machines around, but also some affordable more simple devices that anyone can use by themselves. In the USA you will not find much information about the effectiveness of those pulsers because the FDA forbids the sale of them if any mention is made of their effect on the human body. So one has to look around what the scientific literature tells us about the effect of magnetic pulses on the human body, and what people who have used them on themselves (it is legally only allowed as an experimental device), and who tells us all the good things that happened to them when they used a magnetic pulser. In short, you have to do your homework. If you decide to experiment on yourself with a magnetic pulser, several types are offered for sale on the internet, usually without any reference to healing. Here and there you can find anecdotes and tales of people who healed themselves with pulsers.

Before going into the affordable smaller magnetic pulsers available to individuals, I want to mention the Papimi device, invented by Greek physicist Dr. Panos Papas. Papimi is is a non-invasive electro-magnetic device which produces a series of strong but extremely short broadband magnetic pulses. A pulsed electro-magnetic field emanates from the Papimi's flexible conductive loop, which is placed over the areas of the body to be treated. The energy field penetrates deep into the tissues to relieve pain, increase circulation, and help the body heal itself by energizing the cells. As the injured cells of the body are re-energized, the pain signals carried by the nervous system subside, swelling decreases and the range of motion is restored. Toxins are released and nutrients essential to the repair process are absorbed.

Basically, ultra-fast magnetic pulses stimulate the natural electric charge found within every living cell, bringing it back to its normal healthy state. A membrane surrounds each cell in the body, much like an egg shell surrounds the contents of an egg. This membrane controls the exchange of nutrients and minerals going into a cell and disposes of the waste products. A healthy cell's membrane has an electric energy rating of -70 mvolts. With an aged, ill or injured cell, the membrane's electric energy is considerably lower; as low as -50 mvolts. The ability of each cell to exchange materials is severely depressed when the electric energy is low. A cancer cell's membrane has electric energy as low as -15 mvolts - a cell in serious difficulty. Cells are in an inflammatory state and are the sources of pain signals. Enhancing the cell's electric energy restores ability to exchange materials thereby improving cellular function; it reduces inflammation and swelling with a subsequent decrease in pain; and it enhances the immune and reparative functions of the body.

There are two websites with extensive information about the Papimi device:

The Papimi device itself is very expensive, in the tens of thousands of dollars! The smaller magnetic pulsers available on the internet are only a couple of hundred dollars and their mode of operation is very similar. Nevertheless the Papimi websites give you a good idea what it is all about.

When a magnetic field is created, any metal in the presence of that field will create an electric current. If it is a metal wire, the current will flow in one direction; if it is a metal disk, the current will flow throughout the disk (it is called an "eddy current"). This only happens when the magnetic field rises to its maximum or falls to its minimum. The faster the magnetic current rises or falls, the more current is generated. A static magnetic field does not generate any current. The creation of an electric current also happens in any fluid that can conduct current. And biological cells all have salts, ions and minerals in them, making it ideal for an electric current. By nature, every healthy cell produces by itself a tiny electric current. If its ability to produce this tiny electric current drops, the cell gets sick. Magnetic pulsers generate tiny electric currents in the cells, thereby stimulating the cells to its optimum function, but more importantly it will disable pathogens, like viruses and bacteria. Apparently, the current inactivates certain proteins of the pathogens, which will then die off.  It is an interesting way of killing for example a virus inside a cell without damaging the cell. This looks very promising for cancer. This way the virus in a cancer cell will die but the cancerous cell itself does not die off. On the contrary, at the same time the cancerous cell will be stimulated to become a healthy cell again.

In the USA, the FDA forbids the sale of magnetic pulsers if it is combined with any claim of health benefits, and even testimonials. At the same time, as of October 8, 2008, a TMS device (Transcranial magnetic stimulation), NeuroStar, manufactured by Neuronetics Inc. has been approved for use by the FDA for use in adult patients with major depression who have previously tried medication and not improved satisfactorily. In other words, a magnetic pulser only to be used by prescription within the medical industry.

Outside of the medical establishment magnetic pulsers are not allowed to be used on humans for health purposes, but it is totally legal to use it on animals. Magnetic pulsers are presently used on horses. These devices have a stronger output and come with special straps and blankets to treat race horses for various injuries. There is big money in horse racing, and trainers give their horses pulsed magnetic therapy to gain an edge on the track. Benefits include faster recovery time from sports injuries, improved blood flow, improved nerve regeneration, and faster wound and fracture healing.


Many years ago, I bought the a magnetic pulse generator, called M-Pulse 5000, made a person called Bill Green. His website, and the pulser, is not available anymore. It is a very good pulser because of the circuitry. The M-Pulse 5000 produces a very powerful, AC (alternating current) magnetic pulse. Ordinary magnetic pulsers operate differently (use DC direct current). It had a very fast rise time, and the capacitors did not get so hot as with other pulsers, and thus lasts longer. He made the circuit oscillate with every discharge (5000 times a second), which means that between discharges there is 5000 times a current generated in the cells, in decreasing magnitude as the wave form decays over that time period. Many other pulsers don't have that. Oscillating magnetic fields have been shown to be very effective at killing microbes The frequency of the pulse is 5kHz.

I haven't researched the available magnetic pulsers for a while, so you have to do your own research. There is a popular SOTA pulser available, but I have no experience with this one.



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