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The Origin of Disease  

What is the origin of disease? The alternative community has long held the belief that disease, that is, the physical symptoms we observe, are the result of disharmonies in the energetic body of the person. These disharmonies originate in emotional upheavals, like traumas, fears, shock, or other emotional events that made a deep impact on a person's psyche. If the emotional 'blockage' gets resolved by therapy, then the disease will disappear. We have heard a lot of anecdotal stories, but is there a science behind it?
I recently stumbled on information from a German doctor who discovered just that. He studied it in detail, with physical proof, and he was able to cure 90% of his cancer patients without medicines! This would put the pharmaceutical industry out of business, so it is of no surprise that he got pursued relentlessly. His lost his license and got put in jail. Even his followers/practitioners are being put out of business.
His name is Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German born medical doctor who studied the origin and development of disease in the 1960's to 1980's. In short summary: he found that a serious emotional event causes a conflict situation in the psyche. The psyche tries to resolve it, but when a person just continues with his life, then this conflict turns into an isolated energetic program that is running in the background trying to continuously solve the program. The physical body always follows the energetic or emotional body. The first thing that happens on the physical level is a miniscule brain lesion somewhere in the brain. CT scans show concentric rings around this lesion. At the same time, the organs corresponding to the location in the brain, start to develop the disease. How severe a disease becomes may depend on other psychological, energetic and nutritional factors but its nature and location are determined by the content of the conflict shock.
Where Hamer seriously deviates from orthodox medicine, is that he says that what we call disease is not a disease at all. It is part of a biological program that is trying to resolve the underlying emotional conflict. Depending on the layer of the brain that is affected, the corresponding organ will develop one of three symptoms: canceration (ongoing cell division), ulceration or necrosis (tissue loss) or hypofunction (loss of a function of an organ). When the underlying conflict is never addressed, the body continues this program, depleting the body of its energy, destroying the bodily organs.
When the emotional conflict is brought to the surface and worked out, a second healing process activates. What was canceration becomes ulceration, What was ulceration becomes canceration, and hypofunction revert to normal function. It might sound strange that cancers becomes ulcers and ulcers cancer in what is actually a healing phase. But they will disappear. The process, however, must be carefully observed by a competent doctor. Hamer worked with about 6000 patients of which 90% were cured.
Of course, orthodox doctors don't know anything about the effects of emotional traumas, and are horrified by the idea about not cutting, slicing, radiating and pouring chemicals into the body. Orthodox medicine has many good things to offer, but isn't it time to look at what really works? I have met people who have completely cured themselves of terminal cancer by making a profound change in their lives (and not going for the orthodox medicine treatments). Hamer has studied the biological process in detail and has written about it. The following two website give a summary of his findings a bit more detailed that what I have given here. The third link is his own website (in English) with a lot more information. (if you have WOT with your browser, you will need to turn it off, because it blocks access to these websites)