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Nikola Tesla and Healing

Incapacity of observing the first symptoms of an illness, and careless neglect of the same, are important factors of mortality. In noting carefully every new sign of approaching danger, and making conscientiously every possible effort to avert it, we are not only following wise laws of hygiene in the interest of our well-being and the success of our labors, but we are also complying with a higher moral duty. Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, as a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty and mastery beyond human conception, and so delicate and frail that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought, may injure it. Uncleanliness, which breeds disease and death, is not only a self destructive but highly immoral habit. In keeping our bodies free from infection, healthful, and pure, we are expressing our reverence for the high principle with which they are endowed.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is mostly known for the invention of alternating current electrical supply system, and the electric motor. However he invented many more electrical and other systems, such as wireless communication. Few people know that he was also interested in health and curing diseases and ailments by means of electricity and mechanical vibration. He pioneered early X-ray imaging. He already knew that x-rays were devastating to the human body.

Tesla's x-ray of a foot

Imprint of a human foot was made by Tesla in 1896 with X-rays produced by his own vacuum tube

Nikola Tesla experimented with high frequency high voltage currents and found them to be harmless and beneficial to the human body. At that time high frequency currents were deemed lethal, but Nikola Tesla proved otherwise, having applied these currents to himself. He gave demonstrations, placing himself in the electrical circuit which lighted lamps and heated wires to incandescence. He said: “I have produced electrical oscillators which were of such intensity that when circulating through my arms and chest they have melted wires which joined my hands, and still I felt no inconvenience. I have energized with such oscillations a loop of heavy copper wire so powerfully that masses of metal, and even objects of an electrical resistance specifically greater than that of human tissue, brought close to or placed within the loop, were heated to a high temperature and melted, often with the violence of an explosion, and yet into this very place in which this terribly destructive turmoil was going on I have repeatedly thrust my head without feeling anything or experienced any inconvenience.” Amazing indeed, but which electrical engineer nowadays have ever heard of this? Does this not warrant further investigation?

Noting that his high frequency currents were wiping out microbes, he tells us: “My high frequency currents have bactericidal effects. So it has become a daily routine for the inventor to take off his clothes, stand in front of his coils and a prickly corona would envelop his body and restore his health.”

Nikola Tesla gave lectures and published articles about these Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency, both electrical engineers and medical professionals, because Tesla saw the potential for therapeutic treatments using these currents. This was the start of many years of electrotherapy using these Tesla currents by doctors and dentists, with great success. Because these apparatus were usually large and bulky, Tesla also developed a small oscillator, about a foot (30 cm) long for use inside a home. This also became popular, but he didn't commercialize it.

The Pocket Tesla

The Pocket Tesla

Nikola Tesla also noticed that the high frequency currents were also producing small amounts of ozone what by itself has anti-microbial properties. He invented and patented an ozone generator and formed a company selling them to doctors. Nowadays ozone generators are used for disinfecting the air in homes and buildings.

Tesla Ozonator

Corona Discharge Ozone Generator also called as Tesla Oscillator

One of the products of his company was called “Violet Ray” which was widely used for therapeutic purposes around 1910 and later. High intensity Violet Rays were often used as surgical cauteries. Common uses were in dermatology (removal of warts, freckles, age spots, discolorations, etc.); also used for stimulation of the muscles for a variety of ailments.

A Violet Ray wand

A Violet Ray wand

Experimenting with a mechanical oscillator to produce electrical currents, he accidentally stepped on the platform and noticed how the mechanical vibrations were transmitted throughout his body creating a pleasant feeling. He made some improvements and found that the mechanical vibrations would dispel ailments diseases, and keep the body healthy.

Unfortunately all these health modalities have disappeared as the medical authorities around the 1930's went on a crusade against all forms of treatment that pharmaceutical companies could not benefit from. Hopefully some people will take up interest in these Tesla modalities and bring out these effective methods of treatments of healing and keeping the body healthy.

If you want to read more, go to a very interesting article written by Danijela Vučević, Drago Đorđević and Tatjana Radosavljević, called Nikola Tesla and medicine: 160th anniversary of the birth of the genius who gave light to the world - part II, published by the University of Belgrade, Belgrade Faculty of Medicine, Institute for Pathophysiology, in the Serbian magazine Medical Review of December 12, 2016. Scroll down the PDF file to page 391.

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