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The King of the Earth

Original text is copyrighted by Jan-Anton van Hoek.

In the new World Year the time is arriving that he will appear, who, since the Birdheaded One, carries the title of the king of the World. He is the responsible planetary spirit of divine origin in who's hand the earth turns and who will be the driving force at her destruction. The Holy Four Emperors already paid honor to the king of the Earth, because their soil and their people were in his hands and he is worth of honor. Therefore they ordered rituals in his honor and made him the future, fifth and last immortal Emperor, who, after fulfilling his task, will take the hands of Per and will go into Per, as did Arya, Soerya, Noer and the White Emperor. Of all these high spirits the King of the Earth is the most impenetrable. For as much as his existence is interwoven with the planet, he equally is so unearthly as a spirit. For as much as he is shaped by his task -chained by the earth -,he equally is free and separate of it: characteristic of his form, incarnated or not incarnated.
The King of the earth can be frail and almost transparent, or as a giant that heavy! He has many forms and his eye can have any radiation. Rightly so emperor Noer does not describe him in the Book of Spirits. The King of the Earth is indescribable, and it makes no sense to try because the ability to understand is not adequate for any definition.
Strangely enough, there was a secret cult for him in tantric-buddhist areas, especially in Mongolia. But these cults have lost a lot of their power, now the new World Year has arrived, and for as much as their followers haven't been murdered by the communists.
If one wants to investigate the figure of the King of the earth and its cult, then one needs to investigate the Tibetan codices, but also to concentrate on the role of the Great Spirit in the new World Year. It is also advisable to go back to the previous World year to get a feeling of what role the King of the World fulfilled in the evolution of our dying planet, what role he has now and in the future.
When investigating this, I had at my disposal sources discovered in mystic ways. First there is the Ritual of the Green Year: this is a description of the spring rituals at the time of Arya. Second is the Hymn to the King of the Earth which dates from the time immediately after the White Emperor. Third: The Complaint of the King, from the environment of the King of the Earth. Fourth and last: The Song of Shattering, in essence the apocalypse of the Great Spirit.