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On the Threshold, a vision of demons.

 Original text is copyrighted by Jan-Anton van Hoek.


One night, when sleep was not mine, I had a vision:
A three-eyed human head appeared to me, with a smoke plume as body. Now I know that there are demons who can take such an appearance if it suits them. I was not especially intrigued by it, at most curious if something of importance would follow this apparition. When after a few moments a static state of consciousness started to manifest, just looking at each other, the demon looking at me and me looking at the demon, I decided to raise my glowing power in order to call up more demons, while my Djinns were around me (these Djinns are the same as the Great-Servant-Friend-Spirits with Soerya and the Kml-Hjinoe, from the Book of Spirits by Emperor Noer).
Cosmic life is by itself with risks like any small life form, but when supported by twelve Djinns with whom one can cooperate, and also under the protection of several Gods, one can feel safe in such circumstances.
Instantly the entire atmosphere was filled solely with demons, all of them three-eyed in manifestation but otherwise completely different of appearance and of color. I assume that an unprepared spectator would have died from fear; indeed, such an apparition is especially impressive. Human imagination is too small to digest everything one beholds with such a demonic "visitation". It demands a certain measure of cosmic experience with business of this kind to stay completely sober. If this has been achieved, then what remains is the interpretation of such visions and their meaning. This does not happen with a kind of dream dictionary, but with necessary individual occult contacts, which are Powers, not individuals.
One could accept the three-eyed demons as symbols and go on to an interpretation, which is certainly the most easy method as one can omit a difficult part of the clarification. But it was clear to me that the demons in my vision were not purely symbolic. They were without doubt tangibly present, and thus I had to pay attention to the now-and-why.
Summa summarum: I see a great deal of demons of various forms and color, with one common thing: three eyes, the third eye mostly orderly on the forehead, but sometimes in other compositions. They are not threatening, but are wandering among each other in a dancing manner. The atmosphere is sulfuric, what would certainly be food for Christian devils tales! It is this simple, it all shows in complete silence.
This lasts a while. Than a light green sphere appears, which originally is left alone by the demons. Then it is being divided among themselves, although this does not happen with a knife, but by means of a procedure of picking, like a chicken.
A kind of roar sounds, the sky turns red, I hear somebody laughing; a low voice. For a moment my head appears among the demons. It has two eyes but there is golden band around the skull. The the vision fades and ends.

Of course, the third eye of the demons in the vision denotes clairvoyance, at least according to tradition. However one must be very careful with this interpretation because in the new World Year many of these formulas have lost their value. The body with a smoke plume is a symbol of detachment. Thus we have here an image of pure spiritual beings with great inner power, and gifted with cosmic insight. It is clearly about demons, apparently benevolent of character. Compare this with what has been said about the Dwli in the Book of Spirits. The raising of glowing power (psycho-physical heat) by myself points to an active vision: I have conscious participation in the vision. The Djinns around me points to the fact that there were more spirits, at my side, who were involved and were protecting me. The care I was in, of the Gods, points to the cosmic significance of this vision.
As the atmosphere was purely filled with demons, this does not mean that the demon had called for reinforcements. These kinds of circumstances do attract the attention of other demons. The light green sphere, originally neglected by the demons, is certainly the world of the earth. A short time later the demons attack and destroy it. The roar is fitting and also the red color appearing in the sky. The laughter could be from the Initiator of this final disaster! One could say it looks apocalyptic. The appearance of my head between the demons, with two eyes and with a golden band around the skull, is more a spiritual announcement.
Conclusion: It is about the vision of what will happen at the end of the scarcely beginning new World Year, that probably will be short compared with the previous one. The physical destruction of the earth. The demons are probably symbolic for the nature spirits, which will certainly be involved in the process.
(note of translator: this vision might also be symbolic for the end of the old World Year and the beginning of the new World Year; the demons showing that the earth has to go through a thorough transformation.)

It is very interesting what is mentioned about giants in the Book of Spirits. With the same stupidity man of the previous World Year has in regards to other nature beings, as for example elves, kobolds, gnomes and so on, he considers the appearance of a giant usually as dumb, lazy and cruel.
That is a dangerous way of generalizing, because there are several types of giants. Once I saw a giant, standing on a mountain flank, seize a flying machine out of the air, like a cat seizes an inexperienced bird. The results were clear; total destruction. The machine was thrown against the rocks, an almost classic model of air disaster. One wonders: why did the giant do this?
Giants in general are irritable. They see the high regions of the mountains as their special resort, in as far as it goes about mountain giants. It can happen that they just don't allow intruders. This is rarely foreseeable. Even the giant who fundamentally is tolerant, and those are very rare, is still quite capricious. The phenomenon "human" will never be completely accepted by a giant, although it is quite more common for a giant to curiously follow a man into his territory instead of carelessly throwing him in a ravine. In mountain areas there are things that man does that are irritating to a giant. An irritated giant is an extremely dangerous being!
Mountain climbers and their expeditions always make a giant nervous, especially when they take soil samples. Giants also hate the noise of radios, motors and so on. Sounds from an airplane, even more so since the introduction of jet engines, can drive a giant insane. When a giant loses his self control, anything can happen.
Usually giants do not react that violently in the lower mountain ranges. This does not preclude that when they are in an angry mood that they tend to throw rocks, resulting in naturally disastrous results, even avalanches. He who sees a giant might easily easily get heart failure as giant are literally very big, massive and wild looking! With the use of the term "giant" in as far as eyewitness accounts go, it is advisable to question if they indeed saw a giant. The same applies for nature beings, because confusion is easy. The perception of a spiritual apparition naturally leads to the conclusion that one has seen an elf, a kobold, a giant. But a demon or even an angel servant can also manifest itself in a nature environment, and these kinds of spirits, and I am only naming two, can be of enormous proportions.
Emperor Hoetan said that the giants would be involved with the destruction of the world, that also is written in the Edda. (note translator: The Edda is a collection of Old Norse poems from the Icelandic mediaeval manuscript Codex Regius. The Edda is the most important source we have on Norse mythology and Germanic heroic legends.) I became aware that with the term giants Hoetan implied earth forces who would retaliate and destroy nature-hostile humanity. This is not limited to giants; the most insignificant kobold then throws away his playing nature and becomes a spear point, aimed at the chest of mankind.
But the manifested giants, not their souls, are perishing with the earth.
In the new World there will giants again, as friends of Gods and man: serious, wise spirits and guardians of the order on the new earth, building on prestige and authority.

How different than giants are elves, not to be confused with the generally cunning, hostile to humans, alvers, who, despite their dimensions and power, are near to to giants!
I know an elf in the fens of Brabant (=province of Holland), who is showing a kind of affectionate melancholy. When he is feeling well, he is sitting underneath vegetation overhanging a tree at the edge of a small pond where he lives. When I saw him for the first time, he let me feel that his name was Anspar.
When he doesn't feel well he withdraws and then he is just visible between the twigs of the overhanging trees. When he feels very bad, then he jumps on me and tightens himself to my chest, like a young ape to his mother. Then he is much smaller than usual, and completely melancholic. Spherically, this is not without oppression. By way of speaking he is sucking the compassion out of someone. But it has to be mentioned that Anspar also gives a certain insight. From his elf hugs, which only last a couple of minutes, I have learned more than years of study of all kinds of standard occult works could have taught me.
Besides Rudolf, Anspar is my friend, this melancholic elf, who is sad about the noise in his environment, about the rackets, and who does not understand that I cannot make an end to it in one gesture. Ah, Anspar! If people were more like you, my green transparent friend, who sometimes is hanging so heavy on my shoulders, you, lovely and pure being.
What will you do when people have made your little living environment unlivable? Do you then die the elf death of pining away; do you ebb away, or do you flee to more healthy regions? I will miss you, my good elf friend. I won't forget you, as you too will not forget loose me from your airy memory.
For you a hymn of praise, patient, still bearing Anspar. However I fear that your departure is near. With this in front of me I know that an elf can be one's brother.

Per always was, from the beginning of the universe
And Per will always be till the end of it.
Is Per invincible? No he is not.
Per is imperishable and without any other name.
No being is without Per that wants to be in Per.
Does Per execute laws? He does not.
Does Per avoid laws? He does not.
Per is without laws and without double will.
Per rules over all that wants to be right in reason.
Does Per regulate? He does not regulate.
Per's name is endless and detached from the All.
Per blesses everything that wants to be showered with light.
Does Per have desires? He does not know himself.
Does Per distance himself? He does not deny himself.
Per always was from the beginning of the universe
And per will always be till the end of it.

Not everybody is mortal
But everybody will once go into Per.
Only: when is that Once?
The four Holy Emperors grasp the hands of Per;
Many Enlightened Ones dissolved into Him.
The wretched will be alone in His night:
Then He is not, and no All is there anymore.
But after even this night there will be a new All,
And the wretched will go into Per.
Going into Per is the highest grace;
Going into Per is being-light-oneself;
Going into Per is supreme knowing.
It is the pulverizing of the last barrier;
It is being-blade with the grass;
It is being-Per-oneself in taking part of Him.
That is at the end of the road,
The proud road,
The proud road of lonely climbing:
The grasping of the hands of Per.
The four Holy Emperors grasped them!
Why could you or I not do the same?
He who is not holy can become holy:
A nimbus already circles my head.
Almost detached, I am looking at his eyes,
But the eyes of Per do not see,
Because He is Per.
Once everyone will go into Per.
Only: bring that Once closer!

Why am i writing this work and not somebody else?
In all my previous lives I came as ruler,
And often as a priest-king!
My good will was persecuted
By doom and dead sometimes
But often also by blessing;
There was no regularity in it,
And cause and effect only perceptible
By those who read the signs.
Sometimes there are things
Which even a reader of signs does not except.
And more holy men are there who would do better.
It will be fate,
And apparent a big deal - but very small nevertheless.
Before Per's appearance it is not even a bread crumb!
I am sitting and writing - a sleep walker;
Sometimes my speech is from ages old,
Sometimes it is rough.
I hear, perceive, and write accurately.
Who says that words carry laws?
Those laws worn out in the new World Year!
They still serve the evil forces,
I do not want to hear sounds from those enslavers.
If it must be, I do my plight
And write, even as my existence passes by -
Am I a hero then? - Ah, no,
I am hardly aware that I work,
But I am sure that it must be.
And without Per, who is blind in regards to Justice,
I would not see from both of my eyes.

How unequalled are dragons as forms of appearance of the highest cosmic Demons, embodiments of universal power and regulators of law!
This new World Year is not anymore one of religions and sects, but it is one of independently becoming human. It is not anymore one of the so-called "world leaders", but it is the World Year of the reborn Gods and Demons. This is the era of the Holy Dragon.
He who has rested between the toes of the Blue Dragon of Universal Knowledge, he who has flown on his breath, whom he held high on his flames, he has seen and must tell what he saw.
The Holy Dragon encircles the earth: his breath is her soul! The sight of this respectful being is beyond comparison. In majesty there is little to compare him with, the holy Blue Dragon. His enormous mouth is bigger than the earth; his body is longer than the Milky way; his roaring and is like the thunder of hundreds of volcanoes or as the roaring of an ages old storm.
Who bears his imposing appearance, whose eye does not get blinded, who does not fall down with dizziness, whose ear does not get death?
Wisdom and knowledge are only allowed to those who have seen the Dragon in all his might. He is the key to all Higher Knowledge in the cosmos, and one must have returned to earth with undamaged skin and unburned hair.
Each spiritual mandate, each worldly power for ruler ship comes from the Dragon. All others are mirages or falsehoods.
The Holy Dragon does not wish and does not demand. Therefore one must not adore him as a Divinity from the old World Year. The immortal Dragon is a given, not an idol.
The road to the Dragon begins in the personal experience and in the wish to follow this road too. One walks on this road alone. There are no guides. One goes blind. Along the road there are signs. The only thing to do is: to not see with open eyes, and thus not to be led astray. One fills his ears with wax in order not to hear the voices one can expect behind oneself. One does not know what is behind him.
But when one hears with awe the roaring of the Holy Dragon, then the moment is there! Remove the wax from the ears; open the eyes and approach without fear the exalted being that lives at the end of all dimensions. One shall feel how to pass by the threshold to the new knowledge. Then it will be understandable how in words nothing can be transferred from the Beingness. Therefore the role of teachers, interpreters and priests is over; that real or so-called holy books have no more value; and that this book, that you are reading now, is not a learning-of-life-book, but a gaze into the distance.