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Reflections on the old and new World Year

Original text is copyrighted by Jan-Anton van Hoek.

In the previous texts it was obvious that many laws from the old World Year has lost their validity totally or partially in the new World Year. This does not mean that they are without influence at the beginning of the new World Year; such matters are always a gradual process, and the new World Year has only just begun.
Nevertheless it is important to consider the question that what is taken for granted today will continue to be right, despite the fact that justice and righteousness in general, even within the time frame of one World Year or part thereof, are dynamic concepts, which easily can shift in their appearance.
The spiritual - as well as the social code of conduct that one grants oneself, is strongly depending on this. From the point of the cosmos there is no re-evaluation of all values - the accomplishments of the old World Year remain accomplishments. It may be taken or granted that, in the light of the more penetrating, at this time not so secret anymore, Knowledge of the new World Year, these accomplishments will acquire a different appearance and especially a different significance. This does not necessarily mean that is has a deeper, more noble meaning. On the contrary: many a concept from before the Threshold, is of little influence after the Threshold. Most of the philosophical and religious systems have a certain form of messianic ideal, and only few systems emphasize self-salvation. This is mostly related to the repression of Paganism, that in its highest evolution does know self-salvation, and in which the Gods fulfill a role, as it is also present in the Book of Spirits. The new World Year will prove that a messianic ideal is not valid. The concept "Soter" (Savior) does not relate to anything else but the latent self-liberating power of the Self, independent from the fact that this power will come to full development or not.
This primal concept in itself brings about that at present the messianic religions have already lived out their existence: the savior-idea as light image appears to be nothing else but a self projection, from the Self-nucleus, which is already seen as purified. When the Christian God "offers" himself, then this is nothing else but a symbol of self purification for the benefit of the Self, and of his fellow-man. Making one step further and the ideal of bodhisattva has been reached. Only the understandable, but not less the unnecessary fear for the Self, for the High Loneliness and for the required courage and alertness, that the idea of a savior seems plausible. Hereby, the appearance of the savior is irrelevant, although some have been more perverted than others by its followers.
One must free oneself from the paternalizing of saviors and subsequently of similar religions and systems, in order to discover the true Soter in oneself. This Soter is called Freedom, is called Cosmic Width, is called Universal Seriousness, the three elements which together form Wisdom.
No wisdom is in him who is not free within himself, because he is a thoughtless slave of others, who think in his place or at least pretend.
No wisdom is in him also when he is deaf and blind, who believes what others see and hear in his place or pretend to do so.
No wisdom is in him neither who is frivolous to the All, because he is a spiritual fool, who leaves his responsibility to others, who pretend to fulfill the cosmic plights in his place.
The path that is open, is not the one of the least resistance. In stead of other thoughts, enlightened or not, one has to think for oneself. In stead of echoing other people's sentences, one shall have to learn to speak from oneself. But above all: in stead of going to promised lands of eternity as if being part of a traveling companionship, one shall have to oneself find the answers to cosmic questions, and to find the spark in order to alight the innate eternal Light. The era of belief is totally over; the era of Cosmic Knowing has started.