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The Lemurian Scrolls

I am really glad I found a hard copy of a very interesting, but also unusual book called The Lemurian Scrolls, written by an Indian guru, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. He was contacted by spiritual beings who showed him scenes from the Akashic Records about the original ancestral beings of humans, and how human beings were created and developed. That revelation was in 1973, and he kept the information restricted to his own disciples for many years. The information centers around the spiritual aspects of those ancestors and the continuation of their practices in special monasteries.

According to these mystical revelations, a wave of souls migrated to Earth in their subtle, soul bodies, about four million years ago. The civilization on their native planets had reached a point of such peacefulness that spiritual evolution had come to a standstill. They needed a “fire planet,” such as Earth, to continue their enfoldment into the ultimate attainment: realization of the Self within. When they arrived, Earth had very lush vegetation and dense humid atmosphere. There was also a higher level of cosmic energies present.

The arriving souls formed a denser, physical body around them. Later on, through a slow process of mutation, the fleshy bodies, we know today as humans, were established as vehicles for reincarnation.

arrival of the original souls who formed themselves physical bodies

This illustration, from the original collection drawn by Bruce Andri in 1974, shows the early food offering ceremonies that were performed to assist souls in forming genderless, organic bodies in which to persist in the lush atmosphere. (from the book Lemurian Scrolls, by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami.

At first the transformation from etheric to physical form was difficult, but ceremonies evolved which, using the fragrances of fruits and flowers, brought the souls to special pedestals. These ceremonies assisted in bringing through these souls who absorbed these organic essences to materialize a denser, earthly, fibrous body. They continued to absorb these food-offering essences until they began to smell and feel, and acquired a full physical form and could eat normally, as the animals did on Earth at that time.

Through the thousands of years that passed, the densification process of the original race became very rapid, and the entire Earth became populated with celestial beings from several of the major planets in the galaxy.

The original Earth race looked much like present-day mankind, except there was no gender, no male and female, or such a thing as death or reproduction or even sleep. There was no concept of hunger or pain. They could fly easily and freely in their new Earth body (the original fibrous body, not the human body that came later) by mentally lifting up into the air by using the power within their spine and travel anywhere. These bodies were impervious to cold or heat. The air was so thick and healthy, they would become nourished simply by breathing in deeply. They didn’t really need to eat then, as the air completely filled their bodies with prana energy each time they took a deep breath. They all lived together in absolute, blissful harmony, and the world was a beautiful place. Everyone was creative and well occupied with various mental activities rather than those of a physical nature.

Later on they had to eat, and their power of flying diminished gradually. This had to do with a decline in cosmic energies on Earth. When they couldn't fly anymore, something strange happened. They started to get eaten by carnivorous animals. "As a result of having been devoured by animals, these souls got caught within the evolutionary cycle of the particular species that had eaten their original body. Then, through the cycle of birth and death, they emerged again, but were captured in the instinctive nerve system of animal bodies." Because the original souls came to planet Earth for the opportunity of new experiences, this process of being eaten and bonding with the animal was considered a natural participation in the evolution on this planet.

Now, we are starting to have two groups. Souls in a physical fibrous body of the original race, and souls who were trapped in the body of animals. To liberate these souls, the first group created a human physical body with animal instincts by a long process of mutation. The trapped souls were released from the animal bodies and put into the human bodies. Now we have two distinct groups: the original race in their fibrous bodies and souls living in human bodies.

As time went on, the original race retreated into the mountains away from the carnivorous animals. The humans had to deal with animal instincts and were bound by the cycle of reincarnation. The small group who still had the original fibrous bodies wanted to protect themselves from the animal energies of the humans, and they shielded themselves by living behind the thick walls of monasteries. That way they could hold their original vibration. The souls in the original fibrous body were still in communication with the devas and Deities from the planets these souls came from. These devas and Deities are constantly overseeing the evolution of souls on Earth, and bringing in the necessary cosmic energies for their spiritual work. Later on humans were allowed in the monasteries, and initiated to hold the force of cosmic rays and emanations from the Central Sun of our galaxy, and these humans were called Lemurians.

Eventually all the original souls would be either inside an animal or in a human body.

In later ages, due to diminishing cosmic forces, spiritual capacities, such as inner eyesight and telepathy, were lost. As this is happening "a new world is forming in between the world of devas, Deities and lords alike. This world surrounds this planet in congested force, claiming inhabitants who cannot find a body or a birth; so they live in this world." This is called the Second World. This Second World is what we now call the astral world. The Lemurians were still able to shift their consciousness to the Second World in order to travel around in the 'inner world' or astral world. In this Second World devas reside, who assisted the monastic people in their work, and protected the monasteries from disturbing external forces.

The Lemurian Scrolls goes through different scrolls written in the previous yugas, or time periods. This way we see the evolution of both the original race and the human race. The scrolls were written by monastics, and thus we get informed about their spiritual being and practices, and how monastic life evolved, all the way into the present Kali Yuga. We also get a glimpse in the expected evolution out of the dark ages into the next Sat Yuga. “There will be shocking new discoveries in science, as the scientists turn inward, that will give quiet security during this time to those who still slumber in the outer world. Each stratum of mind, represented by inhabitants of the planet, thus oiled, will not conflict one with another. The intellectual will no longer conflict with the instinctive man, nor deny the existence of transcendental worlds. Each being will be free to serve and experience, without conflict, in his chosen strata of mind. Man will patiently make his planet a pleasant place in which to live as he moves into this new era. This new force awakening will give him light, insight and knowledge to handle each challenge in cleaning up and releasing old patterns from the Kali Yuga.”

If you are interested in the spiritual evolution of mankind, from the beginning to the present and beyond, the Lemurian Scrolls are worth reading. It is quite different from what we have been taught to believe about our origin and evolution. Although it centers around monastic life, it does give a refreshing look so much needed in our Kali Yuga times of distracting and often useless information we are bombarded with every day.

The Lemurian Scrolls are available for free on the website of Kauai's Hindu Monastery. You can read it online, or download it in several formats. The book is also available as a hardcover printed edition.