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The Origin of Mankind as Seen in Visions


When you are on the spiritual path, and look into different teachings and doctrines, you will find that none of them attributes the emerging of humans from apes or chimpanzees. They all point to the stars as our origin, but the oral or written accounts can vary in the details. Generally, they include the presence of non-human, more advanced (spiritually and/or technologically) beings who brought the first humans to this planet.

I think it is quite possible that there was more than one humanoid/human race that was brought here. Maybe the original humans were still genetically tinkered with throughout the ages (hence the emergence of giants and longheads for example), and the different lineages cross-bred producing many races.

In high school (that was in the late 1970s) I was taught that man evolved from Neanderthal who was a half animal who himself evolved from the apes.

Modern science, based on archaeological evidence and genetic research has since given us a much clearer picture of different human species. 

Homo Erectus is believed to have existed from 2 million years to 360,000 years ago, at which point he turned in Homo Sapiens (modern man).

Neanderthals lived from 400,000 to 40,000 years ago. We now know that they were not the brute cave men from our school books, but they were intelligent, cared for each other, believed in an afterlife, made the famous cave paintings, and they could speak and play music.

The Denisovans were another human race that appeared around 1 million years ago. Only two teeth were found of this race, but their DNA has been traced in modern day humans around the planet. They also were of high intelligence as finely crafted jewelry pieces and a bone needle have been found in the same cave.

All of them cross-bred with each other at different periods on time and places.

It is not easy to find well-preserved remains of very old human ancestors, because the conditions have to be just right. The Denisovan find shows that there might have been other races that have come and gone, and whose bodies have completely decayed, unless we stumble upon another lucky find.

You also have to understand that there are different scientific theories on the lineages of these human races. These scientists don't always agree in their interpretations. The very origin of the human races is still traced back to a common primate ancestor, about 7 million years ago, who evolved from the apes.

Most scientists currently recognize some 15 to 20 different species of early humans. Scientists do not all agree, however, about how these species are related or which ones simply died out. Many early human species left no living descendants. Scientists also debate over how to identify and classify particular species of early humans, and about what factors influenced the evolution and extinction of each species.


When looking around on the www, I found a few people who had visions of the origin of man. The strange thing is that their accounts vary widely. This would support the idea that this planet has seen more than one wave or attempt at establishing a human race. Also consider that visions often focus on only one aspect of an issue, so the overall picture is not shown, and additional clarifying information is often absent.

So, here are links to separate pages to these visions. Before you read them, be aware that you might need to put aside your current view points, and open your mind to totally new possibilities.

Origin of Mankind as seen in visions

The Visions

The E.T. Origin of Mankind, by Eva Zemanova: A highly unusual but very interesting text about her visionary experience in which it was shown that a long time ago highly advanced extraterrestrials made an emergency landing on Earth and became the original humans. These ET beings had different kind of bodies sustained by a 'living light', and they were partially deathless. Some beings got struck both by the radiation from the ship and the unusually dense gravity field of the planet and became sick. After that they started to eat Earth's vegetation and their bodies started to change and become more dense, turning into what we know as the human body.


The Lemurian Scrolls: An equally unusual and very lengthy visionary account of a cosmic race of etheric beings who came to Earth in the distant past and formed themselves denser fibrous bodies. By unforeseen circumstances most of these souls eventually had to incarnate into physical human bodies which they created from existing animal bodies (presumably the apes).


Surgical Manipulation of the Human Body: a visionary account by MediationBridge (on YouTube) showing that a humanoid species was surgically altered by extraterrestrials in order to bring it to planet Earth.