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Surgical Manipulation of the Human Body

The following is from a YouTube video, While astral projecting I went back 10,000 years in time, from MeditationBridge (not available anymore).

First I want to say that what she calls 10,000 years probably means a long time ago for her, as mankind is at least a couple of million years old.

She woke up at four in the morning, in the 'vibration stage', a term used in out-of-the-body-experiences. It is a stage in which one feels one's body vibrating violently. A hole appeared in her ceiling and she went up straight through it. She was passing stars. When she looked to the right, she almost could see the end of the galaxy. A close-up vision appeared, and she saw what appeared like a planet. It was dark. She landed on her two feet straight down, and with a 'bang' that made her shake a little bit. She found herself inside a building, which looked like a lab, where they do research, although it looked more like a hospital. There was not a single chair, or any waiting rooms like here. There were rooms with pads looking like computers pegged to the door of each laboratory entrance. If one had to access information, then one would able to see what had transpired or what is happening in that room.

She landed in a hallway that looked like an L. She walked down slowly and she looked at every room, to her right and left. There were tubes hanging from the ceiling. As she was arriving to the top of the L, a room grabbed her attention. She noticed a presence next to her. She tried to turn to see who it was but the presence didn't not allow her to see who it was. She looked inside the room which had also tubes of different colors hanging from the ceiling. The room had a bluish glow. She asked to know what was happening in that room.

She was picked up and looking at the room from a bird's view, from the top. As she was looking down, a voice told her "Here the creation of mankind took place." She didn't quite understand it, and asked for more explanation. Then she watched what was happening in that room in the distant past. She saw a man lying on a bed naked. She could see all inside his body, all his organs. The stomach was sitting open.

There were three beings around the bed. Two on one side and one on the other side. These extraterrestrials had huge heads and their bodies were transparent. You could see their organs, their veins, their bones.

The man was completely awake and aware while this surgery was happening. I was told that they were changing our body metabolism. At that time we were not able to eat the food that we are eating now. They took things out to speed up the digestion process. The ET hand would grab inside the body of the man and took organs out. The man's hand started to move, as if in an attempt to move the ET away. The ET at the other side moved its head towards the man, and the man suddenly went out.

The hands of the ETs were full of blood, even the hand of the man. She saw the tubes going into his body but then she went back to her own body.

From what she saw she is convinced that mankind originally came from somewhere else in the universe, and his body was modified/adapted to be able to live on Earth.