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Anomalous Showers of Stones, Water and Other Objects  

The Mystery of the Appearance of Stones, Water and Other Objects inside and outside houses.

an article by Dirk Gillabel, July 2015

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Content of this page:

1. A Complex Phenomenon

2. Accounts of Anomalous Showers

3. Characteristics of Anomalous Showers

4. Poltergeist, a Misinterpretation of the Phenomenon

5. A Clue to the Origin or Cause of the Phenomenon

6. Experiments with Dimensional Points

Links to Pages with Newspaper and Magazine Articles

The following pages contain all the original newspapers and magazine reports, and some other sources I have collected about these mysterious showers. It is well worth reading them, as it gives a more direct view on the phenomenon, often based on multiple witnesses and investigators.

It's Raining Stones!

Money Showers

Water or Rain Out Of Nowhere

Other Substances

1. A Complex Phenomenon

When I was collecting newspaper and other reports of stone showers (sometimes also called throwing of stones, or rain of stones), it became clear that the falling, or apparent throwing of stones, outside or inside houses, were part of a vaster, more complex phenomenon. In every case, people were perplexed, and even after intense investigations in order to try to find the cause of the phenomena, they were not able to find an explanation. Sometimes spiritualists, interested in the strange phenomena accompanying the stone showers, declared that spirits were the cause, although at the same time, they were at a loss to find any spirit, or any motive it might have. Labeling such a case as a poltergeist case does not solve it either.

When you carefully read the original newspaper reports, and the rare well-investigated cases, it is obvious it has nothing to do with ghosts or spirits. The cases are reported as 'stone throwings', 'stone showers' or 'poltergeist', but these are just labels people put on a complex phenomenon. As far as I know nobody has really looked in depth into the many characteristics this phenomenon has, or brought up an explanation, other than that of the ghosts and spirits.

It is not only stones that suddenly manifest and fall down, but also water, money and other objects. The phenomenon has a range of strange happenings. Not all these characteristics show up in every case. Sometimes they don't get reported unless an investigator or journalists picks up on it and writes it down in his report.

From here on, when I talk about the phenomenon in general (stones, water, money and other objects), I will use the term Shower Phenomenon.

In every case, the shower phenomenon suddenly comes and after a while suddenly stops. It displays effects of a physics that is not found in school books, or is accepted in mainstream science. However these effects have been reported by those who have experimented with technology based on what is called scalar fields, aether physics, or whatever terminology is used to explain a new emerging field of physics. Actually this kind of physics has been around since the days of Nicola Tesla. Theories, mathematics and experiments were going around since the early 1900's, but were not incorporated in mainstream science. It is said that they were explored by the secret military-corporate establishment for exotic weaponry. Nowadays this physics is being developed by both 'fringe' scientists and laymen experimenters.

Terminology is a problem, as there is not yet a commonly accepted terminology for this kind of new science. How do I explain what might be at the bases of the shower phenomenon (and the whole rage of phenomena associated with it)?

2. Accounts of Anomalous Showers

The shower phenomenon is often seen as a mystery. Sometimes it is attributed to supposed psychic powers of children. Sometimes it is blamed on supposed ghosts or spirits. A small minority of the cases are label poltergeist. Although they are all the same phenomena, sharing the same characteristics, I have divided the reports I found into sub-chapters, depending on the main focus:

It's Raining Stones!

Money Showers

Water or Rain Out Of Nowhere

Other Substances

(links to these sub-chapters are at top of this page)

In these sub-chapters I have collected the original newspaper, magazine and other reports.  When I first looked around on the World Wide Web, I found a lot of websites that list a small amounts of the showers often without any reference. They copied it from other websites who copied it from.... Later I found that they contained a lot of mistakes. You really have to go back to the original article, and this was not always easy to find. The famous Charles Fort (1874-1923) wrote a lot about these phenomena, but he summarized them, or quoted a few sentences. He brought awareness to these anomalous phenomena but he didn't want to investigate it. He left out a lot of details.

It took me a long time to look up all the reports you find in the different chapters. Most of them I found on websites who have historical newspapers digitized and searchable. Their search function is not always adequate because the newspapers are scanned as image files, with accompanying text files, which are the result of electronic 'translation' into text characters. This gives a lot of mistakes in the text when he newspaper image file is of poor quality. I am sure that there are more cases buried in these newspaper collections.

In the beginning I thought there were only a small number of these 'showers', the ones that are repeated over and over again in books and websites. When I looked up the original reports of these, and looking through the digitized historical newspapers and magazines, I kept on finding more and more. Many cases have never been mentioned anywhere else. Considering that I have limited myself primarily to public domain American and Australian newspapers from before the passing of copyright law (before 1923 in the USA and before 1955 in Australia), the number of anomalous showers over the past two centuries must be far greater than what I have collected. The USA and Australia are only a small fraction of the surface of this planet. I am convinced that the these showers are not a rare event at all. If one happens in your town, it can be called rare, because it probably won't happen again in your lifetime. But on a global scale, they happen frequently. I think a lot of them don't even get noticed because they happen outside in the woods or plains where nobody lives. In rare cases stone showers were seen in open fields when farmers were working in those fields.

3. Characteristics of Anomalous Showers

When you look at one or a couple of anomalous showers, it doesn't tell you a lot. It all sounds mysterious, superstitious, and the cause is never found. Thus, one leaves it as a mystery and forgets it. At most it was a curiosity.

When I was gathering news report after news report, and some rare reports of investigators who did an in depth observation of a few singular cases, a clear pattern started to emerge. Most cases were not just about a stone shower, or water appearing in a room, but about a variety phenomena. Not all the phenomena were showing up in every case, but those that were showing up, were always of the same kind. Although I have separated the cases into categories depending on their main feature, it is important to understand that they all have the same underlying force fields dynamics .

The following are the characteristics, or phenomena that show up again and again, in spite of the main feature of the event, which can be a stone shower, water appearing, money falls, or other objects manifesting.

Sudden Beginning and End

The phenomenon always starts suddenly and ends suddenly. Sometimes the event is thought to be caused by a person, usually a child, that is said to be psychic. However, if this would have been the case, the phenomenon would happen on a continuous basis throughout their lives. This is never the case. The period between start and end can be a few days, a few weeks, months, and in rare cases a few years.



 During this period, the different phenomena happen on and off, seemingly random. Sometimes, they only happen at night. Because they continue to happen over a time period, they are witnessed by many people, neighbors, curiosity seekers, investigators, and often police officers.



The shower phenomenon happens in short bursts. A shower can be followed by another one a couple of minutes or hours later, then nothing for a couple of days, then start again. These showers can pick up in intensity or calm down.


Cause Never Found

In spite of rigorous investigation, often by the police, it is never discovered where the stones, water or objects come from. They do notice that the stones often come from overhead. When outside, they appear to come from a short distance above the ground. When inside a house or a room, they seem to come apparently from the ceiling, but not through it as the ceiling is never damaged. The stones seem to materialize at that point and then fall down, mostly at an angle. Straight vertical falls have been reported too. In one case pebbles were seen to falls inside a tent, without damaging the tent.

The same applies to the appearance of water in rooms. A plumbing leak is never found, the plaster of the ceiling, from which the water usually comes from, is absolutely dry.

Money showers, as strange as it may seem, never reveal any benefactor. One would expect that somebody would do this to gain publicity, but nobody ever comes forward. The amount of money is sometimes really high for the time period.


Dry and Warm

In several cases it was expressively mentioned that the fallen stones were warm and dry. In one case they were wet. In another case it was found they were all free of any dirt.


More Than One Kind of Object

It is mostly showers other materials come with it: earth clumps, dry lime, gravel, a piece of wood, and in one case even buffalo bones.


Gravitational Forces

In some cases stones can be ejected with extreme force, causing a lot of damage to the house, rooms, furniture, windows. However it is often reported that they fall slowly. It can even be so slow, that the witnesses state that they fall much slower than what would be expected under normal gravitational forces, even to the point that they are almost floating Sometimes the stones can be caught before they hit the ground. It seems that the stones, although ejected with some velocity, are still under the influence of (by lack of a better terminology) anti-gravitational forces. Less frequently, a household object is seen to levitate.


Objects moved or flying around

Household objects, like furniture, utensils, dishes etc. are moved (or pushed) around, or are violently thrown about. Some unseen force is interacting with inanimate objects and is able to exert a physical force on these objects. Metal objects are often affected, but wooden object, like furniture, moves around too. In the case of Battersea, England, it was found that the furniture that moved by itself was also found to be heavier than usual, during the actual vibration or movement.

The force that is able to move a heavy wooden chest around must be intense, at least by our present standards. In one case the person tried to stop a swaying furniture but was unable to do this. In the Lithobolia case, a fence gate, at the house, was wrung of the hinges and thrown down.

In the Spooks Throw Stones case, a stone thrown into the fireplace, flew back into the room, twice. In the same case, walnuts with which the children had been playing outside, came flying into the house some ten minutes after the children had gone into the house.



Sometimes the stones show a repulsive effect. The can hit a window pane and rebound, but not break the glass. They can hit a person with some velocity but the person himself hardly feels the touch of the stone. Most often stones fall around a person, extremely close, but never hit that person.

In the case of Grottendieck, the stones, although falling slowly, could not be caught while they were falling: "It seemed to me that they changed their direction in the air as soon as I tried to get hold of them." This might be an example of the interaction between the energy of certain people and the energy of the phenomenon.



It is not unusual that sounds are heard just before or during a shower, other than the stones hitting something: strange whistling sounds, a 'gingling' sound, rustling, snorting and explosive sounds, a humming noise, rumbling noises. Knocks, rappings and thumps are common, singular or repeated.


Kinetic energy

The energy fields involved transfers  kinetic energy to the stones, water or other objects. When the objects emerge they have gained velocity which can be extremely fast and destructive. Sometimes water streams  from walls appear in bursts. Interestingly, it is often said that the stones are warm or hot. This would imply that the atoms and molecules of the stones have absorbed kinetic energy on the molecular level, increasing the random microscopic motions of their elemental particles, resulting in heat.


Dematerialization and subsequently materialization of stones, water and other items = teleportation

The complexities of the energy fields present at a shower phenomenon location causes the dematerialization of matter (stones and other objects, and liquids too like water) at one place and then the materialization at another place. At the place of the shower, the people present notice only the materialization, the sudden appearance out of thin air. However in a few cases stones were marked and thrown outside, which subsequently were found back inside the house again. Thus it is obvious that they were teleported from one place to another.

The materialization of objects is well known in spiritualistic circles where it is called an  apport. Spiritualists call 'an apport' an appearance of an article from an unknown source that is often associated with poltergeist activity or spiritualistic séances. Some Eastern gurus or yogis are also able to make this happen at will. Although these are often seen as pure materializations, they are actually teleportation of objects from other places. 

Aside from the main event of stone showers, or water pourings, household items suddenly disappear and appear elsewhere in the house, or even outside in the yard. 

Where do the stones, water, money, or other objects other than the household objects actually come from? I think it is possible that thy might comes from a far away place on the Earth. At that distant place, the spin energy of the objects increases, by which their mass effect diminishes. When the mass effect is nullified, the objects are in a high spin state, in a higher 'dimension', that is non-local. This non-local property of the higher dimension allows for the transportation of the object from one physical place to another instantly, because space, distance or locality does not exist in this higher dimension than what we are familiar with in our physical dimension. Being instantly present at the primary shower location, the spin energy slows down and the mass effect of the object appears again. This makes the object physical again, what we then observe as materialization out of thin air.

However, I think that all the stones, water and other objects, come from the immediate