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Painting with Light 

A painting is one set image, something that does not change, you can always go back to it and it will be there. Your perception of it may change, but it still is the same painting. What if there was a painting that came alive and transformed before your eyes, morphed and changed and flowed along with time, even with music and, sound with it?
It no longer is a dream to do this. I consider the work I have done, the videos I have created, to be a new kind of painting. It also incorporates my music, making this a multi-dimensional expression.
The source material for the images includes my own paintings that were done on canvas or paper, fractal images I created on the computer with a free program (Fractalexplorer) and photographs of images from nature, clouds, water, waterfalls, ice, trees, flowers, stones, stars that I have altered with bilateral symmetry and shifting the colors.
What I discovered is there is magic in the flow and transition of image to image. Overlays in motion with pans and dissolves create secondary new images that only exist in the video. Sometimes I take the two images and blend them, creating an intermediate image to sustain the effect. In this way a new sequence develops, I continue by adding yet more images through layering and revealing, leaving parts of one and introducing another.
You can see examples of still images I used for the videos on the Examples of Still Images Used in the Videos page.

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