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The Art of Carol Herzer  

I am here to create a magical world for you to lift your soul and lead you back to your own creative spirit. My art takes many forms: painting, music with mantra harps and singing bowls, the merging of my paintings and music as my videos, tarot decks for your inner journey, and intuitive visionary guidance.

We live in a multidimensional universe, creation expresses itself in many ways. My art and music are expressions of one same inner river of light, the same cosmic river that flows endlessly in us all. Can you hear it? Can you see it? I look within and bring what I see out into the world in paintings, music, and the synthesis of those as my video art. It all comes from a place of love and beauty. Beauty is my path, beauty as an expression of the divine.

Om Carol at waterfall

Om is a universal, primal sound, when I started singing mantras some years ago I was lovingly given the name OM Carol by my partner, in fun. It felt good to me, so I decided to keep it and use it in reference to myself and the work I am doing with music and my art. If you add an A you get OMA, that also means mother. I am a mother, and grandmother, and all of my creations, the paintings, the videos are to me real entities, I am their mother.
I was born in 1944 and have been around the planet for a while, I have a lifetime of work to share with you. I hope it will bring some light into your life, some inspiration, and help you to connect to the joy of the infinite creative flow of love and life we all are participating in, here in this earth school of growing and learning, learning how to open our hearts and free our minds, to know ourselves, to awaken our souls, to be truly human divine sparks of creation, each and every one.

Carol Herzer


Painting With Light:    My music and my art combined, a series of videos with singing bowls, mantra, harps, voice, with links to view them on YouTube.
Painting With Light: Examples of Still Images Used in the Videos: A closer look at some of the art in my videos, including fractals, "nature spirits revealed" and combined images using my "real" paintings made with paint.
Music in My Life : My personal story,  and some pictures.
Paintings on canvas and paper : A lifetime of work shown by decades, beginning with the 1960's
The Mantra of Si Va Ya Na Ma 
Tarot Creations:  Home page of our tarot art and hand crafted tarot decks that are available.