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Spring Sale 2019

posted may 12,2019


    Glitter is very hard to photograph and does not show up much in most pictures.

To order, first send me an email at Tell me your shipping location and which deck you like.

PayPal is required for all non USA orders. PayPal or check or money order (USPS preferred) are all accepted for USA orders. For PayPal, I will send the invoice after the order is confirmed.  Shipping is by USPS. For orders outside the USA tracking is required due to security policies of PayPal. Check with me as to the cost of that. For some countries the less expensive regular priority mail is an option, others require express mail which costs more.

ALL OF THESE DECKS ARE HANDMADE. The glitter will not come off, it is under lamination. I paint the glitter with a brush, and use many colors of microfine, ultrafine and holographic glitters. Iridescent has different colors, it blends in with underlying colors, and I also sometimes add other pigments to emphasize certain colors. The fluorescent colors are very bright, but sometimes I mix them in with white to get varying shades and intensities. The only way you can see the true effect is in real life. Light is life. The  glitter, fluorescent, and iridescent paints do not show up well in pictures, as they are light effects. These are highly crafted original art decks and the process of making them had evolved over time, over many years. You will not see anything like this anywhere else. Each deck is special and unique, and no two of them can ever be the same. All decks are laminated with the finest quality flexible lamination on both sides of the card. They are hand cut, therefore not precise. There will be minor imperfections, do not expect them to be like manufactured commercial decks.


Click on the links, or the images for more pictures and information for each deck.

Ref# 2019 SS1

Spiritual Fire

Large size: 3" x 4 7/8"
With iridescent and fluorescent paint, and  with glitter.
Backs are hand-painted with gold and iridescent colors, and with glitter.
Price: $ 1200 sold

This is visionary, a powerful deck, painted at the time of the burning of Notre Dame. It just happened that way. i had spent a week setting up the images by painting further into the black and white prints that are the base, with shading and shadows. The day I started the color is when the cathedral caught on fire. It was synchronicity as to the painting, not plan.
Ref# 2019 SS2

Sacred Fire

Medium size: 2 1/2" x 4"
With iridescent and fluorescent paint, and with glitter.
Backs are hand-painted with silver iridescent, and have superfine glitter.
Price: $ 825

 As the work on Spiritual Fire progressed I was inspired to make a second smaller size deck. This one is very mystical and has a softer quality than  Spiritual Fire. The base prints are black and white from my open source borderless original version.
Ref# 2019 SS3

April Love

Large size: 3" x 4 1/4"
With fluorescent paint, and with glitter.
Backs are hand-painted with turquoise green color, and with glitter.
Price: $ 825 sold

This deck was started as spring was coming nearer, but not here yet, and competed in April. It has a fuller range of colors than the deck I did next called Ultra Rose.
Ref# 2019 SS4

Ultra Rose

Large size: 3" x 4 7/8"
Hand-painted with fluorescent paint. NO glitter or iridescent in the images.
Backs are hand-painted with deep purple color, and with heavy red-rose glitter.
Price: $ 650 sold

  I know everybody is big on the glitter, but sometimes the purity and power of just the painting is very special and here I decided not to stay with that. This deck is just the fluorescent over black and white prints, with emphasis on the rose color.
Ultra Rose
Ref# 2019 SS5

Tropical Heat

Large size: 3" x 4 7/8"
Hand-painted with fluorescent paint, and with glitter.
Backs are hand-painted with iridescent gold color, and have superfine glitter.
Price: $ 750 sold

The colors of this deck are strong and bright, It makes me very happy. I just love it.
Ref# 2019 SS6

Midnight Starlight

Large size: 3 1/8" x 5"
With heavy glitter.
Backs are hand-painted with black color, and with glitter.
Price: $ 650 sold

The pure black and white decks are amazing. Who would think just black and white could be so powerful. It sets off the glitter perfectly, and I have used a range of glitters including some deep transparent blues. It takes your mind into another place.
Ref# 2019 SS7

Silver Star

Travel size: 2 1/4" x 3 1/2"
With extreme glitter.
Backs are hand-painted with warm silver color, and with super-fine glitter.
Price: $ 415 sold

Based on prints in black and white only from the Starlight deck, heavy glittering here.
Ref# 2019 SS8

Solstice Rainbows

Travel size: 2" X 3 1/4"
With fluorescent paint, and with glitter.
Backs are hand-painted with light purple color, and with glitter.
Price: $ 475 sold

  This is a second Solstice Rainbows, The first was a large one, both decks were done last year around the time of the Solstice. I am finally ready to let this one go.
Ref# 2019 SS9

Tropical Lagoon

Large size: 2 7/8" x 4 5/8"
With glitter and fluorescent.
Backs are hand-painted light blue with superfine glitter.
Price: $ 425

Painted on a base of all blue and white prints from the Starlight deck.
Ref# 2019 SS10

Little Lagoon

Travel size: 2" x 3 1/8"
With fluorescent paint, and with glitter.
Backs are hand-painted light blue color and superfine glitter.
Price: $ 325

This actually was the first Tropical Lagoon, and it is based on blue and white Starlight prints. Because it is so small the details are not as clear as the bigger deck listed above.  I has more purple than the larger one, they are not exactly the same.
Little Lagoon
Ref# 2019 SS11

Alternate Majors Meditation

Extra-extra large: 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"
With fluorescent paint, and with glitter.
Backs are hand-painted with light blue color, and with glitter.
Price: $ 625 sold

Very well glittered extra large mediation size prints made directly from the paintings of alternate majors of the original version Illuminated Tarot, painted in 1988-9.
Ref# 2019 SS12

Glitter Chakra Arcana

5 1/8" X 3 1/2"
Full deck of thirty cards including signed title card and booklet.
Price: $ 250 sold
Glitter Chakra Arcana
Ref# 2019 SS13

Glitter Chakra Energies

5" X 6 3/4"
Eight borderless cards.
Backs are hand-painted with turquoise-green color, and with glitter.
Price: $ 72 sold
Glitter Chakra Energies
Ref# 2019 SS14

Glitter Posters

Assortment of posters all in the 11 x 17 size range.
Price: $65 each.
Glitter Posters

Ref# 2018-21


Illuminated Tarot, StarPurple One

perfect size

borderless with purple prints of Starlight

glitter and iridescent

backs are medium purple with light glitter

$ 425

StarPurple Two

Ref# 2018-24

Illuminated Tarot, TrueBlue Starlight

large size

borderless blue only Starlight

NOT a glitter deck.  Hand painted to develop the shades of blue color, adding depth

backs are solid sky blue

$225 sold

TrueBlue Starlight


Spirit Speaks Decks

Ref# 2017-24

Glitter Spirits
45 cards
3" X 5"
Glitter Spirits 
Ref# 2017-26

Glitter Spirits
60 cards
Glitter Spirits