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Tarot Decks With Glitter and Iridescent Paint


Eleven new decks are here, many of them are introducing a new kind of effect, with fluorescent colors added in addition to the glitter and iridescent.  As time goes by I plan on making more decks but they will not be as frequent as in the past. I started making glitter decks in 2009, but stopped for a break of a year or more, and just have started again. I am not doing custom orders as I did in the past. If you are interested in a deck please contact me by email to see if it is still available, and please tell me your shipping location when you contact me. PayPal is necessary for all non USA orders, and shipping has gotten very expensive, due to their security policies. However it still IS possible for you to get a deck. If you are in the USA shipping is a lot less, and personal checks are an option, let me know your preferences. 

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The only way you can see the true effect is in real life. Light is life.  The  glitter and the iridescent paints add another dimension to the tarot cards, the aesthetics carry you into another realm, inspiring your intuitive mind, your creativity and imagination. All of these are hand made, highly crafted original art decks. You will not see anything like this anywhere else.

Click on the links, or the images for more details about each deck.

Ref# 2017-03

Crystal Fire Illuminated Tarot
large, with glitter and fluorescent colors added
Crystal Fire Illuminated Tarot
Ref# 2017-05

Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot borderless
medium, with glitter
Crystal Fire Illuminated Tarot
Ref# 2017-06

Elemental Vision Illuminated Tarot
 large, with glitter, iridescent and a light touch of fluorescent colors added
Elemental Vision Illuminated Tarot
Ref# 2017-07

Mystic Shadows Illuminated Tarot
large, iridescent colors
Mystic Shadows Illuminated Tarot
Ref# 2017-08

Mystic Shadows Illuminated Tarot

large size, borderless, with glitter, iridescent and fluorescent colors added
Mystic Shadows Illuminated Tarot
Ref# 2017-09

Starlight Illuminated Tarot
large, borderless fluorescent colors
Mystic Shadows Illuminated Tarot


Spirit Speaks card deck
Ref# 108

Special Chakra Mandala

Completely unusual glitter and iridescent set with cards altered adding fire colors, click on image to see more, and for size and price.
Special Chakra Mandala 
Ref# 103

Elemental Visions M.A. 22 cards
This is a very special MAJOR ARCANA ONLY deck, in an extra large size, over 4x6"
Elemental Visions
Ref# 2017-02
Black Borders Deck of the Illuminated Tarot
Original Version*

large size deck with fluorescent colors painted by hand
Black Border Deck of the Illuminated Tarot
Ref# 2017-04 Sold

Crystal Fire Illuminated Tarot
medium, with glitter and  iridescent
Crystal Fire Illuminated Tarot



Ref# 70 Sold
Elemental Rainbows

Hand painted borders and backs, according to the elements of ritual magic, glitter and iridescent, glitter backs too.
Elemental Rainbows