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Tarot Decks by carol herzer and Dirk Gillabel


4-24-2020 GOOD NEWS!   I have found a new printing situation. I still have limitations, but now have replenished my supplies of some decks,  including STARLIGHT and  the ORIGINAL VERSION borderless in medium and large sizes.


All of my decks are individually hand-made. They are different than commercial decks, and the cut is not precise. They are professionally laminated and handle and shuffle well. I offer a very wide range of choices, versions, sizes, and the only way this can happen is for me to be independent and not mass produce. I have been making decks for over 30 years and know from experience that they stand up to use and last a long time.  Here is what one  customer has to say about my decks: 

Can't wait to see all of your future decks - the glitter decks are amazing.  All of your decks really do look especially incredible in full sunlight.  But with the glitter decks there is this whole other quality that comes out depending on what kind of lighting - your artwork is just so special, I can sit there and go through my cards all day, lol!  Maybe one day I will try that Also, I absolutely love the way your decks feel.  The weight, the slippery and shiny lamination, the slightly rough edges - they are feast for the senses.

The Illuminated Tarot

Illuminated Tarot all versions banner

Click on the banner to go to ALL the Illuminated Tarot versions.

Our most popular version is Starlight !

You can also download our free Illuminated Tarot Screensaver right here!

Divine Sparks tarot decks


Glitter Decks and more!

Divine Sparks of Light Museum Gallery

A new section showcasing special and unique decks that have ben sold.

Divine Sparks Custom orders

Divine Sparks Custom Orders

Custom orders are available on a limited basis. Click here to get some ideas, contact me if interested.

Chakra Cards

Chakra Decks

 Chakra Mandala, Chakra Arcana and Chakra Energy cards

by Carol Herzer

Major arcana decks with cards of the 22 archetypes plus 7 additional cards of the individual chakras, and booklet included delineating a system for doing readings.

Chakra Posters

Astrology and Tarot Deck

Cosma Astrotaro 

Cosmo Astrotaro

 by Carol Herzer

A visionary deck originating in the 1960's and 70's, this 56 card deck combines astrology and tarot in a new way. It works well as an intuitive deck, and borderless sets are available. The entire fundamental structure of the tarot is present, majors, courts, aces, elements, and an abbreviated minors set as the astrological aspects. This is an excellent tool for readers who want to include astrology in their readings. The full major arcana also functions as the planets and 12 houses. The court cards are the 12 signs and 4 cards of the elements. There are four aces, and instead of the 1-10 minors there is only one sequence, of the aspects, conjunction opposition, trine etc. This deck works especially well along with using the natal chart, or just ephemeris, transits and compatibility relationship readings. Straightforward and clear, it includes all of the fundamental parts of astrology as well as fundamental tarot structure.


riverspirits banner 

Riverspirits is a new selection of nature spirits. Let them take you into the inner realms, they are for journeying, and deeply connecting with nature and the creative imagination.

Here is a video showing the card images.  

Spirit Speaks card deck

Spirit Speaks

Cards for meditation and divination. Presently not available for ordering as decks, but you can still enjoy looking at the images, click on the banner to go to the pages showing them.

 Here is a video showing some of the cards.

The Magic Mirror oracle deck 

The Magic Mirror oracle deck

by Dirk Gillabel, 2020

A 78 card oracle deck for your every day questions. 

Major Arcana Decks:

Major arcana decks can be used alone for readings or to supplement a reading with other larger decks. Most majors decks are 22 cards, however some here are 20 or 24 cards.  

Tarot of the Philosopher's Stone

Tarot of the Philosopher's Stone

by Dirk Gillabel

This is a 22 card Major Arcana only tarot deck, based on traditional and personal interpretations of hermetic alchemy corresponding to the archetypical meanings of the major arcana cards.

Radical Wirth

Radical Wirth Tarot

Painted by Carol Herzer.

 A beautiful much loved rendering of the major arcana of  Oswald Wirth He created a majors only deck of 22 cards. His teaching found in his book "Tarot of the Magicians" is valuable to all who seriously study tarot.


Cosmo Meditations Tarot

by Carol Herzer.

A visionary tarot with it's roots in the the 1960's and consciousness expanding journeying happening at that time. this is a major arcana, and each image is a step in the path to awakening.



by Carol Herzer

A simplified and expressive major arcana, created in 1969, originally an etching, then painted. This was her first Tarot creation, the inspiration for the Cosmo Meditations and Astrotaro.

Tarot Revele 

 Tarot Revele

A beautiful deck with subtle colors, painted by Carol Herzer, original images conceived by Suzanne Kloster, a French artist in the mid 20th century. 

pictogram tarot 

Pictogram Tarot

by Dirk Gillabel

If you are a collector, or just like the Pictogram Tarot, I still have a couple of copies left for sale. Price is $ 25 plus shipping. To see the cards, go to my WordPress site.

Cosmic Egg Tarot

Cosmic Egg Tarot

Drawn and conceived by Guido Gillabel, painted by Carol Herzer in the late 1980's.

A deck based on the egg form and inspired by the Philosophy of the Holy Trinity. Comes with booklet by Guido.


How to Order

To order, first send me an email and tell me your shipping location and the version and size of the deck you want.


If you are outside the USA PayPal is required. I am not able to take direct credit card payments. I accept both PayPal and checks or money orders for USA orders. For all PayPal payments I will send you an invoice after the order is confirmed by personal emails. All prices are in US dollars and payments must also be in US dollars, USD.

I  combine shipping on multiple item orders if possible. Shipping in the USA is by Priority Mail.

Questions? Email us at sun19@earthlink.net 

Tarot FAQ

Answers to all your tarot questions.

The Temple of Human Knowledge: An old text from the Mystic Rose, describing the major arcana of the Taro in an oriental mystic way. A Dervish is visiting a tower with 22 chambers.

 Our free High Priestess Screensaver: 9 High Priestesses from our different tarot decks. Size: 1070 KB; runs on any Windows 95 and later, PC. Download High Priestess.exe.

Visit the page of Guido Gillabel's Tarot Museum in Mechelen, Belgium!