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Elemental Visions illuminated Tarot deck 

The Elemental Visions version of the Illuminated Tarot Deck by Carol Herzer

Hi Carol!

Received my Elemental Visions Illuminated Tarot today and it is astounding and full of intuitive mood. Even thought I haven't coveted it card by card yet, I scanned through them and wanted to say I am extremely pleased with the color scheme and I like the elemental symbol on each PIP. I use the elements a lot in my readings. Also, thank you for the Elemental Visions Key Card you included. I love cheat cards!

Another extra special item you included that makes the deck so special is an Major Arcana card signed and dated. I got the Empress and can really use her at this time in my life.

Thank you again! I'm glad I choose the Elemental Visions as it is an awesome concept and deck!


Elemental 1 elemental 3cups elemental 9 pentacles elemental king wands


The entire deck is shown below.



The titles are different in this deck. I have emphasized the connections of the cards to the elements, and kept the titles visually simple. A key card is provided if you need it to learn the symbols.
The court cards are linked to the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the the Knights  the four elements. The coloring is based on what is called the "Elemental Dignities, and taken from traditional magic. Astrology also gives colors for the elements but they are not quite the same as I have used here.

In this deck Wands, fire, have red and fire colors. Pentacles or Disks are earth and greens. Swords, element air, have  blue  and Cups the water element are pink expressing emotional energy. The major arcana is of the Aether element, and it is light purples.

sizes and prices

POCKET SIZE: 1 3/4 X 2 5/8"; 4.4 X 6.6 mm

MEDIUM SIZE: 3 3/4 X 2 3/8"; 6.3 X9.7 mm

POCKET SIZE: $ 35 plus shipping

MEDIUM SIZE:$ 69 plus shipping.


how to order

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Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck
Elemental Visions Tarot deck