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Elemental Visions Illuminated Tarot deck

The cards all have colored borders to align with the elements. The major arcana as the archetypal source is the aetheric element, and is violet. Fire-Wands is red, Earth-Disks is green, Air-Swords is blue and Water-Cups is rose pink.

Email me if interested. Sizes and prices listed below.

Thee are two extra cards in the Major Arcana, a Magician and an Empress. One can be used as the cover card on the pouch that I will make for you, the other can be the card I sign. Or you can just let them be as they are and remain in he deck. Sometimes I have other extra cards for the pouch card, just ask me.

Elemental Visions Illuminated Tarot deck

Elemental Visions Illuminated Tarot deck 

Elemental Rainbows Illuminated Tarot deck 

Elemental Rainbows Illuminated Tarot deck


 The coloring is based on what is called the "Elemental Dignities, and taken from traditional magic.

In this deck Wands, fire, have red and fire colors. Pentacles or Disks are earth and emphasize greens. Swords, element air, have  blue  and Cups the water element are pink expressing emotional energy. The major arcana is of the Aether element, and it is light purples. Red Green and Blue are primary colors in light , not pigment. Rose (pink) actually is a fourth primary color, it acts differently than a light red. A very very distilled red becomes yellow. so oranges , gold shades, and yellows are also in the fire cards. Card backs are a light purple.

sizes and prices

TRAVEL SIZE: 3  X 1 7/8 " $45 + shipping

MEDIUM SIZE, 2 1/2 X 3 7/8": $69 +shipping

PERFECT SIZE, 3 X 4 3/4": $89 + shipping

EXTRA LARGE SIZE, 3 1/4 X 5 1/8" $ 125 + shipping


Light purple backs  shown below

please inquire as to shipping cost

Elemental Visions Illuminated Tarot deck


how to order

If you want to order a deck, first send an email to confirm availably and shipping cost, for that we need your zip code (USA) or country.

For orders outside the USA tracking is required due to security policies of PayPal. Check with me as to the cost of that. For some countries the less expensive regular priority mail is an option, others require express mail which costs more.