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The Illuminated Tarot deck all versions, by carol Herzer 

Here you can find a link to all the versions of the Illuminated Tarot deck by Carol Herzer. 


These all are individually made handmade decks and are created as needed, this way I am able to offer a wide range of choices as to sizes and versions. They are hand cut and laminated. The cut is not precise like a commercial deck, but it feels good in the hand and shuffles well.



Original Version Illuminated Tarot

Medium size now again available!


Starlight Illuminated Tarot

Borderless or Black Borders, no titles on the cards.

Elemental Visions Illuminated Tarot deck 

Elemental Rainbows

crystal fire 

Crystal Fire Illuminated Tarot
Now available black borders, borderless, or with white borders and titles

Deep Crystal 

Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot

A dream like landscape, ice and snow, full of magical light and shadows.

 Mystic Shadows Illuminated tarot deck

Mystic Shadows Illuminated Tarot

This page includes the earlier Dark Crystal Rose variation

Dream Shadow Illuminated Tarot

Dream Shadow Illuminated Tarot

sizes and prices

Prices can be found on the page for each version.  Below shows the relative sizes of large, medium, travel and pocket decks. Squares on the cutting board shown here are one inch. Click on picture for larger image.

For medium size decks here is the list of what is available All are the same price, $69 plus shipping:

Original Version with white borders and titles

Elemental Rainbows

Crystal Fire: black borders and no titles, or borderless, or with white borders and titles

Deep Crystal

Starlight Borderless and black borders, no titles on either set

Mystic shadows

Dark Crystal Rose


For Travel size I have:

Original Version

Starlight black Borders

Original Version Black Borders Deck (BBD)

Elemental Rainbows


Large size includes:

Original Version

Starlight Borderless

Starlight black Borders

Deep Crystal

Elemental Rainbows

Crystal Fire, regular with white borders adntitles, borderless, or black borders

Mystic Shadows

click on image to see higher resolution

how to order

To order, first send me an email and tell me your SHIPPING LOCATION and the VERSION AND SIZE of the deck you want.

If you are outside the USA PayPal is required. I accept both PayPal and checks for USA orders.  You can not order directly from our site. For all PayPal payments I will send you an invoice after the order is confirmed by personal emails. All prices are in US dollars and payments must also be in US dollars, USD.

I  combine shipping on multiple item orders if possible. Shipping in the USA is by priority mail with insurance.

For orders outside the USA tracking is required due to security policies of PayPal. Check with me as to the cost of that. For some countries the less expensive regular priority mail is an option, others require express mail which costs more.

Statement from the Artist

All of my decks are handmade and  not to be compared to commercially printed decks.  They are laminated on both sides, the lamination is very flexible, done with a professional quality machine that we have  that has rolls, it is not the home sandwich style lamination. With my decks the cut is not as precise as a commercial deck. The sizing of the images of the artwork varies slightly  with decks that have borders, so if you like to trim your decks to be borderless, it will not match. I have made some borderless variations and they are an exception to this. I do my own printing and have control over the colors, which is very important to me as an artist. By making the decks myself I am free to create the versions and variations,  and sizes, as well as to make the very special decks with added effects of glitter  iridescent and fluorescent colors added, look to the Divine Sparks of Light pages to see what I have available. 

Questions? Email us at