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The Illuminated Tarot deck all versions, by carol Herzer 

Here you can find a link to all the versions of the Illuminated Tarot deck by Carol Herzer. 


All the Versions of the Illuminated Tarot:


Original Version Illuminated Tarot

This is the first version painted by Carol Herzer in 1988-9.

The Illuminated Tarot, in any and all versions is exclusively available here, from the artist, and will not be found for sale anywhere else.


Starlight Illuminated Tarot


The brilliant powerful play of light and dark, star filled skies, the galactic dance of life, a deeply meditative, inspiring and uplifting vision. Of all the alternate versions, this version is closer to the Original Version, but the skies have been deepened, and stars and energy added.


Elemental Visions Illuminated Tarot

The Illuminated Tarot with color emphasis on the elements. Five elements are included: Major Arcana=aether-purple, Wands=fire-red-orange gold, Disks (Pentacles)= earth-green, Swords=Air-blue, Cups=Water (emotions)-Pink.

crystal fire

Crystal Fire Illuminated Tarot

The Illuminated Tarot seen through a magical vision of fire and ice. Delicate crystal fire formations dance and play, an electric ice, a crystalline vision of fire. Strong reds and gold are balanced by deep blues and purple shades.

Deep Crystal 

Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot

The Illuminated Tarot totally transformed; calming, cool, shades and shadows with luminous light shining through, ice, snow, and crystal blues. Both BORDERLESS  and with titles are available.

dark crystal rose

Dark Crystal Rose Illuminated Tarot

This deck is in the process of transformation.  I am still involved in the process of creation with it, and will post decks that are available, or you can ask about it.

Deep Shados Illiminated Tarot

Deep Shadows Illuminated Tarot

This is a borderless variation  of the Dark Crystal Illuminated, with very subtle, de-saturated colors.

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