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Chakra Decks by Carol Herzer

by Carol Herzer

Click here for the complete booklet that is for all the chakra decks.

Click here for a second booklet for the Chakra decks which explains more about doing readings, and gives suggested interpretations. Chakra screensaver: Chakras.exe

Chakra Energy Cards:

Beautiful and vibrant paintings of the seven chakras, full of life energy to inspire you in your meditation, or to use in readings with the Chakra Tarot. Eight cards, includes one of all 7 chakras in one image. Decks and posters available here.

Chakra Energy Cards

Chakra Mandala:

A set of 21 mandalas, each one has two chakras of the basic 7. For energy work, meditation, and also functions as a tarot major arcana. Decks are available here. Here is the link to a video for meditation made with the Chakra Mandala images: Chakra Mandala Meditation

Chakra mandala tarot


Chakra Arcana Tarot:

This includes the 21 mandalas of chakra pairs, merged  with an added image from the tarot major arcana. Decks available here.

Chakra Aecana tarot