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Taro deck vy carol Herzer

a tarot deck by Carol Herzer

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Shamanic, powerful, primal images! Taro is Carol's very first tarot, created as a black and white print, an etching, created in March of 1969.  Shown here are painted cards from a print that was cut apart and made into a deck. Carol decided later to re-draw the images and develop the concepts further, resulting in the Cosmo Astrotaro. Copies of TARO are available, details given below.

Your can download a Taro screensaver!! It runs on any Windows 95 and later, PC. Download Taro.exe . Download Instructions: click on the download link. Save on your computer. Double-click on the .exe file to install. On the blue window, click Install. Click OK. In the Display Properties windows, click ok.

How this deck was created:

This is where it all started. It is the very first Tarot I made, in March of 1969 a real etching done in a print making class during my final semester at the UW in Seattle, finishing up my degree. Little did I know how significant it would be to a major direction of my life work. The images were created over a period of weeks, each time I went into a class I made a couple more cards. I decided to keep the imagery very simple, and somehow incorporate designs that spoke of the numbers as well as the essence of the card's meaning. The only tarots I had to influence me were my Albano Waite and a black and white Egyptian style deck. But my own language of imagery was what prevailed and that was evolving in my paintings of that period. I made less than a dozen prints with that etching plate, (which I still have in good condition) and I took a few sets and made them into cards, which I painted with acrylics. These I had with me later in 1970, when I found myself in Woodstock, on Byrdcliffe, a place filled with magic, there I decided to re-draw the images and develop the concepts further. I was living at the home of an astrologer, and the deck was to evolve into the Cosmo Astrotaro. One of the three sets is unfinished, another was shown in a gallery (Zingale) on Madison Avenue (pre-Soho days) in New York City a long time ago, and I never got it back, it has disappeared, but I hope somebody has it, I would love to see it again.


sizes and prices

Laminated full color laser copies

Small booklet in English

Beautiful lined fabric pouch

 22  cards

Size:  5 3/16 x 2 3/4

Price: $42

All of the cards: click on start button for slide show; or click arrows for manual control:


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