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Tarot Revele

a tarot deck painted by Carol Herzer

After I had finished painting Guido Gillabel's Cosmic Egg in the late 1980's I asked him if he had any more black and white decks that I might work with. He sent me a selection of copies of decks from his collection. The black and white Tarot Revele was included, and I fell in love with it. Even though the line drawings are very light, almost sketch like, I saw the potential in them for a magical vision. I worked in acrylic, my paintings are 5 x 8 and were done on a linweave textured paper. I kept all the words and symbols intact even though I did not know what most of them meant. The Tarot Revele line drawings were first created in 1949. The cover card gives the names Valentin Bresle and Suzanne Kloster. Guido also sent me a copy of a book by the same people, but it is in French, and I am not able to read it. There are other drawings in it, it appears that this was the work of a group of people who worked with a particular teaching about tarot. I have not been able to find out anything about them, but would be interested if anything turns up about their group and who they were.
2012: I have now been in contact with the granddaughter of Suzanne Kloster! How very special for me, this came about through Facebook. she was very close to her grandmother, who was a very special spiritual artist.

Size: 3 1/4" X 4 5/8" (8 X 12.5 cm)

Laminated laser prints

Handmade pouch

22 cards

Price: $ 42.00

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