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Customers Experiences

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These are my first orgonite pieces, thank you Dirk! When I held orgonite for the first time, I could feel a pulsating flow of energy like my hands are holding bouncing bubbles in my hands. And the pyramid does have the strongest energy! Sitting with the pyramid next to me, I could feel it working, clearing. The space around me feels lighter.  Each piece is beautifully crafted and a work of art.
I am a returning customer of yours who is LOVING the orgonite pieces you've far the most powerful of any I've encountered....  And so, I'd like to order a new piece to be sent to a dear friend who could use some harmony in her apartment.
Hello Dirk,  I just got my 2nd package a couple of days ago, the first one I received the 2 pendants and I put them under my pillow at night.  Forever I have always had horrible night terrors, every single night, and it is AMAZING! cuz it's been at least over a week and I haven't even had 1 nightmare! Not one!!! But I'm very psychic and empathic and I really thought I would feel something or energy coming off these pendants, and I didn't really. So then I just got the 2nd package and wasn't feeling well so I just grabbed 1 item from the box and went to sit down, I had the Pyramid and I placed it down on the armrest while I was sitting in the recliner.  All of a sudden I felt a tremendous amount of energy coming from the pyramid, and It kept increasing more and more, I felt super high, like someone had drugged me! It was crazy, cuz I tested it on my mom and she said she couldn't feel a thing, I mean I am very sensitive, but I remember you saying that the pyramids can cover a whole room. so I thought that maybe since I was so close to it, it was more intense. But I felt better and went to get the rest of the things. I pulled out the plate to use for charging food, jewelry, and crystals. and that was all I had ordered but it looked like there was more, so I reached in and pulled out a cone! and then a disk, and another disk, and then another cone!!!! OMG, I can't believe you sent me all those freebies? It's wonderful, Thank you so so much I really appreciate it, now I can have them in all four actually five corners of my room and I put one under the pillow that my cat sleeps on, I don't want him to have nightmares either. I love your products, it has changed my life, I will be buying more, in the future! Best, Rachel.
Dirk, as I think I mentioned before, I have seen orgonite quite a bit before but have never felt called to own any before I found yours. These pieces are powerful. I have put one under my pillow for the last few nights and have slept better than in a long time. I also took all three pieces (thank you, thank you for the extra one!) to a sound healing event the other night. The event included singing crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls and drums. Three of us held the orgonite as we relaxed to the sounds. It was magical. I feel like my piece came alive in my hand as I was holding it during the sound clearing.
In short, thank you both so much!

I received your package today.  I donít know how to explain it or understand it, but when holding the disk, I can feel a lot of energy from it Ė flowing into my hands and up my arms.  Even after sitting it down, I can still feel it.  I could even feel energy coming from the package before I opened it.  Iím wondering if you say a blessing and/or meditate over these after you make them or before you ship them.  And, thank you for the small star.   Cheryl

Hi Dirk,

Iím back for more. Iím not sure exactly how to explain the difference Iíve noticed since receiving the pieces I ordered earlier. My joints arenít stiff anymore and I have more flexibility. I also seem to see more clearly now, which I donít understand, not my eyesight but itís like a slight fog has disappeared and everything is sharper, more distinct. And lastly, I seem to have lost brain fog, clarity I didnít know I lost until now. Having said that I still have the "senior momentsĒ, unfortunately, that comes from 70+ years of use I guess. Anyway, Iím back for more of your amazing creations so here goesÖ  Connie
(this woman got orgonite for her electrosensitivity)
I received your disk in the mail. Wooooooow what a powerful disk this is. It fills up my whole house with energy, this actually does work. When I opened up my mail box that day, I felt it. Never thought it would be this powerful!! Orgonite is amazing.....  Rene
Just received my box of magic from you. I got a little dizzy and my body buzzed when I opened the box. You're amazing.  Thank you for existing this life.  Thank you, Tatum
My sons were having awful nightmares every week for the last couple of years. Since they put an orgonite disk under their pillow, they have not had any nightmares anymore. They are sleeping peacefully now. They won't go to bed without the disks under their pillow!
Hi Dirk,
I love the pyramid you sent last week, its lovely, and also the two smaller discs are much appreciated. With one disc under my pillow, I've been going to sleep quickly rather than tossing and turning for an hour or so every night!.
Thank you. Sandra

Hi Dirk,

Such  a special afternoon meeting you and basking in your energetic beauty - a blessing all around. Returned home a little while ago and placed the orgonite around my house - I'm not feeling the emf's anymore. Next time I come I'd like to pick out four pieces for the four corners of the yard. Look forward to seeing you soon. Marianne

Hi Dirk,

I received my pyramid and pendant yesterday afternoon. I had been eagerly anticipating them, knowing they could make a difference in my energy level....and it certainly did. I think I had gotten used to feeling tired and faint prone with a sort of squeezing sensation through my backbone. It was all relieved the moment I put on my pendant. I placed the pyramid at the head of my bed. I slept soundly through the night and found all the neighborhood cats (10-15) had come in out of the rain (mostly) through my bedroom window and were either laying by me on the bed or on my legs and shoulder...(the littlest ones). I think they sense the difference too...

Hi Dirk,
The package arrived today. i have been eagerly anticipating your kind gift to me. wow! i did not read very much from the bismuth piece because the aluminum piece was shouting and jumping up and down!!!

i began trembling and shaking when i picked the aluminum piece up. my arms and hands especially. i had a metal taste in my mouth, coming down from the roof of my mouth, and have been a bit dizzy since i put it on about a half an hour ago. i also immediately felt more protected when i put on the orgonite. i would not have imagined aluminum shavings and a laser crystal in resin could have such an effect. as i mentioned i m tested to select the pieces i needed.

my energy field shifted as soon as i opened the box! the pieces began working with the energy in my home immediately. i could feel the ripple going outwards from the bismuth, like a churning through invisible concrete in the room. the bismuth will go on the shelf over my bed at my crown, which is about 10 feet from the high voltage box. whew! i am relieved to change this energy...

Dear Dirk:

The check went in the mail yesterday.

I have put orgonite in my refrigerator to help with all of the emanations from the "big, cold electric box," and it seems to be helping!

Thanks so much for making these pieces. Whenever I have difficulty sleeping, I grab an orgonite piece containing shavings (aluminum or bronze), which helps me relax and fall asleep. I have seen so many orgonite pieces for sale on the internet, but they seem to be more about "pretty colors and designs" rather than effectiveness. I have no doubt that you make powerful pieces. My house and office are calmer as a result!




My wife is sensitive to the effects of EMF's emitting from the electronics/ smart meter in our home. Orgonite is the only thing I have found that neutralizes it's negative effects on her. So the orgonite eggs will be used for additional protection of the environment as well as a decorative element. I also can feel the energy that emanates from these devices, and have experimented with some gifting in my community. The results have been nothing short of amazing! There's something supernatural about Orgonite as it is beneficial all living things. I even have purchased orgonite for my pets.

Hi Dirk,

Received the orgonite, and think it is lovely! Plus it seems to already be having an effect in my clinic. Thank you for the Gift Heart :-) A dear friend and instructor for my training program came down from St. Louis, saw the Heart, and went crazy over it! So I passed along your gift - hope you don't mind. (I will purchase more!)
I have placed one of each of the flat pieces in each treatment room, and spread the others around in the lobby, tuning fork/color light stock room, etc. But I obviously need more pieces, so I will find some time in the next few days to place another order.


"Dear Dirk:

Thank you for the orgonite shipment, it arrived on Saturday. Cone 26 got unwrapped and it promptly took over, energetically, letting me know exactly where it should be. I've never had that happen before. My husband immediately chose the antimony healing disk for himself, and the antimony/tungsten heart (spec 15) with its warmth and good feeling ended up on our bedroom dresser. That metal combination is beautiful! My husband fell in love with the Oddball 50 bronze shaving cone with its metal spiral--I think he wants another one. That little magnesium piece, Hob 05, is just the quietest little thing, quite unassuming next to Cone 26 with its titanium and copper power. We are both sleeping better since we put Disks 45 and 46 under our pillows at night.
Please let me know when you have another large cone available, oddball or not, and when you have another powerful piece such as Cone 26. I thank you so much for the added bronze egg--its energy feels different from the copper egg I ordered from you earlier. It looks wonderful next to a dark bamboo ikebana basket we have, again letting us know right away where it wanted to be.
Again, all I can say is "thank you" because of the energetic changes your pieces have made to our home."

Hi Dirk,

They did arrive Saturday! Thank you again!

They're wonderful little semi-spheres of awesome. I'm far more drawn to the copper powder pieces than I thought I would be, and the aluminum pieces have a beautiful, happy feel to them. I have them placed throughout my home to help raise the vibrations of specific areas, and you can notice a definite even serenity that's present. I started keeping one on my work computer, and I'm noticing less electronic feedback from it. It makes working long hours at a computer tolerable.

Thank you so, so much!



Good morning Dirk,

My package arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased with the quality of your work. Thank you for shipping so quickly. I expect I will order from you in the future.


Hi Dirk,

Thanks! This stuff is great. I really appreciate it. It feels like music sounds better, people are reacting to me differently, I am sleeping better and that is all after two days. I need more of this stuff.  Thanks again Dirk.
From Will

I received my package today (so fast) it usually takes a week to get things here, I have a question, is there a crystal inside of it?

I felt the energy when I got close to the mailbox! I will let you know how its working, I already am loving it!
Can't wait to order more.



Hi Dirk,

I received my order from you the other day. I want to thank you from my heart for giving me an additional orgonite piece! I was pleasantly surprised. That was very nice and kind of you Dirk. Thank you "So Much". I felt So Good opening up my package and seeing these cool orgonite products that you create, and seeing an additional one made me feel really good too! My heart is filled with appreciation and gratitude, and as I type this to you now, I am getting a bit teary eyed-Thank you Dirk. I also really like your website, with all the cool stuff, the art and all the information from you and Carol Herzer. I have your website Bookmarked. I don't remember how I found your website, But I am so glad I did. In Peace, Love and Light.--Meryl C.

Also, I have really appreciated the orgonite that I purchased. I wear the pendant every day, keep the pyramid in my bedroom, and sleep with the disk under my pillow. The bad dreams that I was having stopped completely and I am sleeping much better (all of the smart meters for this apartment complex are not far from my bedroom). Also, when I first put the pendant on I experienced a "draining" effect of negative energy out of my head that I can only describe as being sort of like having your sinuses clear after being blocked for a long time. I don't understand how the orgonite works....but it does, and these are only a couple of the benefits I have experienced. Thanks, Steve
Yes, your orgonite pendants work!  I borrowed the tungsten pendant from its recipient yesterday, because I had jury duty at the criminal courthouse in Los Angeles. The dark energy had much less effect than it would if I hadn't worn the pendant.  I know from my jury duty experience at the civil courthouse that I needed some orgonite protection.
When I unpacked the whole box, I picked up the green pyramid and set it down and the little aluminum one, Karen walked in to the kitchen to look and as I was about to say "do you feel something", I got a clean feeling from my heart chakra into both shoulders, It remained until I went to bed.
Just got the pyramid ...thank you so much I feel its energy and it feels good....its on a stone surface but I placed a soft paper under it....looks great!
Also thank you for the little extra small orgonite...its perfect ..I placed it near my the new clean energy it gives..
Bless you for making these cool healing tools..... Miriam
Dear Dirk:

It has been some time since I purchased from you the two large cones, but I want you to know how they have changed the atmosphere in our house.
Please don't gasp, but I put both of those powerful "energy purifiers" in our bedroom. That room is close to a transformer at the end of the next lot, and our air conditioning compressor adjoins the bedroom wall. That very night, I started sleeping better, and I no longer feel a sense of unrest and "energetic exposure" in that room. I think of those pieces as my energetic guardians!
Good news on the first orgonite disk I bought from you, I think I may need another one. Every room in the house I stay into for more than an hour I take the orgonite with me. I've notice that when I don't, my neighbors energy just attaches onto me like glue. The other day, I could really feel my neighbors energy. I put the orgonite right in front of where the energy was coming into. Their energy drew back instantly!! I thought that was incredible!

Hi Dirk, The orgonite  came today.....could feel the energy as I took it out of the package!  Very powerful!! Thank you so very much!  I appreciate your thoughtfulness and thank you for being so kind. God Bless.

I recently order an ďoddballĒ Orgonite piece from you and I love it! Iím a Dowser and Iíve been using it while I dowse homes and businesses and I find it brings so much positive energy and peace with it!
Dirk, I received my order from you the other day. I want to thank you from my heart for giving me an additional orgonite piece! I was pleasantly surprised. That was very nice and kind of you Dirk. Thank you "So Much". I felt So Good opening up my package and seeing these cool orgonite pieces that you create, and seeing an additional one made me feel really good too! My heart is filled with appreciation and gratitude, and as I type this to you now, I am getting a bit teary eyed-Thank you Dirk.

Again, all I can say is "thank you" because of the energetic changes your pieces have made to our home.

Early report:  I am feeling much better since receiving my shipment of 'bargain' orgonites.  I am sleeping better, more relaxed and have a better mood.  I appreciate your providing these at such a reasonable price!

Hi Dirk,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the orgonite and thank you for the freebie! Wore it in my belt yesterday while running a half marathon yesterday. Had a calming effect. Something weird happened and donít know if
this is random or not, but I wasnít feeling well after running in hot weather so laid back in the grass while husband went to get car. Some little boy (about 3 yrs. old) came over, tried to pull me up and I went along with it then he gave me a hug
and a kiss before leaving. His mother was appalled. I have never had that happen beforeÖ.

The disk, I definitely notice putting a wine bottle, coffee or water glass on top seems to ďsoften and add clarityĒ to the liquid. As a test, I put the wafer under a double walled plastic cup of water and froze it and noticed that there was a small spike of water risen.

Thank you! Am definitely interested in this.