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Orgonite for sale

Artistic orgonite for sale

Orgite is my own term for what is commonly known as orgonite.

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How to order

Write me an email ( ), and write down the code# (for example, Pendant#21) for the items you want, with your shipping address. I will then calculate shipping costs, and send you a PayPal invoice. I also accept checks and postal money orders. I ship only to customers in the USA; no international shipping.

I can only ship to the address on your PayPal account! Sometimes people move and forget the change their address in their PayPal account. Please check that your shipping address is the same as the one on your PayPal account.

Because some people place an order but do not pay, I will cancel the PayPal invoice after two days, and put the items back up for sale.

Easy answers on my orgonite FAQ page.



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"I received your disk in the mail. Wooooooow what a powerful disk this is. It fills up my whole house with energy, this actually does work. When I opened up my mail box that day, I felt it. Never thought it would be this powerful!! orgonite is amazing..... Rene "

"I felt the energy when I got close to the mailbox! I will let you know how its working, I already am loving it! Can't wait to order more. Regards, Karen "

A personal note:

The orgonite I make is intended for spiritual healing, and for energy work on yourself and your immediate environment. orgonite is my own term for what is commonly called orgonite.

At the top left of this page are links to the orgonite products I have for sale. I put my emphasis on orgonite products that work. This means that they contain enough metal shavings and/or powder to maximize the effect. I have seen orgonite products for sale, with very little shavings and some crystals and wire coils to make it attractive, but they are not going to be as effective. For me, the decorative aspect is secondary. My orgonite products still look good, but they might have slight imperfections, because casting with resin is more of an art and less predictable than a factory process. Nevertheless, their benefits remain the same.


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