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Healing a Sore Throat, or Common Cold (Coronavirus and Rhinovirus)

I have had my whole life sore throats, probably because my tonsils were taken out as a child. Tonsils filter bacteria and viruses. On top of all that, they produce white blood cells and antibodies. Tonsils are the first line of defense as part of the immune system. Tonsils sample bacteria and viruses entering the body through the mouth or nose and flush them using lymph. The reason why in the past tonsils were removed from children, is that they can inflame and cause breathing problems, sleep apnea and earaches.

My tonsils were fine, but at that time it was a common procedure. It is actually unnecessary. If tonsils become inflamed they can be addressed with antibiotics or other natural treatments. Researchers have found that the removal of tonsils in childhood actually increases certain illnesses later on in life, such as sinusitis, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and allergies. (source)

In the United States, as of 2010, tonsillectomy is performed less frequently than in the 1970s although it remains the second most common outpatient surgical procedure in children. Tonsillectomy does not have clear guidelines, and there are risk involved with this surgical procedure. Some doctors perform more tonsillectomy because they get paid extra for performing this surgery. Money talks, your health becomes secondary.

The good news is that tonsillectomy rates in the United States have declined since 1978, when experts of the National Institutes of Health concluded that there was insufficient evidence that the benefits of tonsillectomy outweighed the risks and therefore recommended more research, which subsequently led to stricter guidelines. (source)

I do remember that when my tonsils were taken out, I was put under general anesthesia, and I had post surgery bleeding when I woke up, with not so pleasant days afterwards. It was an unnecessary surgery, because my tonsils were healthy. For the rest of my life I have had sore throats (pharyngitis)  as a result, every winter, even up to 3 or 4 times per winter.

My sore throats would usually last up to two weeks. Well, it would start with a sore throat, but then it would develop in nasals drips and coughing as it subsequently settled itself in my lungs.

Sore throats are only one symptom of the common cold. The common cold is usually caused by a rhinovirus or coronavirus. The medical establishment has nothing to offer in regards to antiviral medication for common colds, but natural medicine has plenty of documented antiviral antidotes.

At this point I have to jump back several years, when I discovered that I had Lyme's disease (read my article Lyme Disease). I successfully eliminated all Lyme symptoms with MMS. What is also discovered was that my sore throats, or colds, only lasted about three days instead of the usual two weeks. MMS was also attacking the cold viruses. Whenever a sore throat would emerge, I would increase my MMS dose, to four drops, four times a day. This would cut my cold period back drastically. I still take MMS every other day because the Lyme bacteria hide out in inaccessible regions of the body, and will come out again when the coast is clear. So I can't give them that opportunity.

About four years ago I started taking turpentine, that is, natural turpentine or pine tree essential oil. Read my article Turpentine to understand clearly what it is and how to take it. I started taking it every week, sometimes almost daily, as yet another method to help the body fight Lyme and any other microbe. What I have noticed since then is that I have not had any sore throats, or colds (for the last four years). This seems to indicate that natural turpentine oil taken on a regular basis gets completely rid of the cold viruses, even before they can establish themselves, or multiply in the body. (if it is of any interest to you, the coronavirus is also a cold virus).

Turpentine is a natural oil, very cheap, and has been proven scientifically to be very effective against viruses. It is explained in my article, so go read it.